Once per year, CLA presents a public program of arts events, ‘The Cultural Season’. Over three months, we offer a platform where artists can share newly created dance performances, theater, music, writing, and exhibitions with fresh audiences.

There are also talks and workshops, where artists, audiences, and inspirational leaders can exchange ideas and take part in creative activities together.​

Every year, when CLA invites artists to start preparing their new creations, we ask them to take inspiration from a special theme. This year our theme is Action Today, Consequences Tomorrow.​

Every action, big or small, makes an impact. Maybe you decide to take a motodop when you have a runny nose – what could happen next? Or you share some food to someone who doesn’t have enough of their own…. If you decide to apply for a scholarship to study abroad; how will it change your own life and how could it impact the people around you? What about big decisions that are taken for us; how could they affect future generations?

The events will happen at three different venues in Phnom Penh from January to February:

  • The Secondary School of Fine Arts
  • Java Creative Café (Toul Tom Poung)
  • Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center

The tickets are available for two options including Dress Rehearsals and Full Performances:

  • Ticket price $2 for Dress Rehearsal
  • Ticket price $4 for Full Performance

We have live performances and digital performance. You can purchase the ticket as package or for individual show. We strongly encourage that you buy the former to get full experience of the season.

Ticket packages:

  • Full performance: Price 18$ per package including 4 full performances and 2 digital screening.
  • Dress Rehearsal: Price 10$ per package including 4 dress rehearsals and 2 digital screening

The Panel discussion, Interactive workshops, lecture and film screening are open for public.

Contact for ticket sales: 093 485 898/012 835 462/010 941 224 and for more information at Cambodian Living Arts Facebook page.

Photo by: Supplied