PHNOM PENH: On March 24, 2023 the Creative Industries of Cambodia Association for Development and Advocacy (CICADA) organised an annual general meeting to celebrate artists for their contribution to CCI  and to present their milestones with the artists and cultural professionals from Phnom Penh and various provinces at the French Institute.
Formed in 2022, CICADA’s mission is to represent and advocate for the cultural and creative industries to develop a sustainable and inclusive infrastructure to ensure that the sector is at the heart of political, economic and social decision-making.
CICADA ​ORGANISED A PANEL DISCUSSION ON “VOICES FROM CULTURAL AND CREATIVE INDUSTRIES”In the general meeting was present some key achievements of CICADA and its ongoing programmes which included: the presentation of two research findings covering mapping the landscape of human resources in cultural and creative industries and indicators of CCI, Stand for Culture Fellowship; and a panel discussion on “Voices from Cultural and Creative Industries” discussed by guest speakers who have many years of experience in film, music, and craft sector.
Phina So, Director of CICADA said, “I’m very pleased to be able to organise the annual general meeting which I believe will be a significant platform for the arts, cultural and creative professionals to gather and discuss some important issues. I’m also glad that CICADA is a factor in the development and support for this important and growing cultural and creative industry.” 
CICADA ​ORGANISED A PANEL DISCUSSION ON “VOICES FROM CULTURAL AND CREATIVE INDUSTRIES”She continued that CICADA will keep working closely with artists and cultural professionals throughout different cities and provinces to envision a diverse and flourishing Cambodian society where cultural and creative industries are recognized, valued, and thriving.
Sang Sokserey, a rapper, a Stand for Culture fellow and a featured speaker of a panel discussion titled “Voices from the Cultural and Creative Industries” said that she has observed that cultural and creative industries have been playing such significant roles in contributing to the economic growth and promoting Cambodian identity on a global level.
CICADA ​ORGANISED A PANEL DISCUSSION ON “VOICES FROM CULTURAL AND CREATIVE INDUSTRIES” She emphasised, “Promoting cultural and creative industries equally means supporting and creating opportunities for the artists to unleash their potential, talents and creativity through different mediums. And that will not only promote Cambodian arts and culture but also contribute to the tourism industry by attracting tourists to visit Cambodia which has become a catalyst for livelihood development for many informal workers.” 
Photo by: Engly Tuy (Sakura)