vK Club App: KIT’s Latest Contribution to the Digital Transformation of vKirirom Pine Resort and KIT

Kirirom Institute of Technology (KIT), in collaboration with vKirirom Pine Resort and A2A Town (Cambodia) Co. Ltd (Phnom Penh, President: Takeshi Izuka),  has developed a new platform of the mobile application called vK Club for its clients, students, and staff under the supervision and leadership of Ms. Mao Yuklin a 3rd Year Software Engineering student at KIT and President of Earlyphant, a KIT Virtual Company.

According to Yuklin, the vK Club mobile application was developed to facilitate financial transactions via an electronic system called Fintech. In its first phase, it provides an e-commerce platform and a 2D map offline GPS service which is initially available within the Kirirom Area.

The Fintech technology system manages financial transactions by recording sales transactions simply by scanning the product QR code, provides member customer discounts and will allow member customers to communicate with each other similar to other social media in the future. On top of that, this app will add functions for smart check-in and check-out to optimize customer convenience during their stay. The vK Club mobile application was conceptualized within the pandemic’s need for social distancing. With the use of a contactless application, person-to-person contact and handling of cash is greatly minimized.

As of this writing, the vK Club mobile application in use is still in its first phase of development focusing on maintaining a secure environment when using the application as well as a good user experience. Earlyphant’s team is continuously doing their research and development to come up with an application that is ready for public use.  This project aims to strongly support the digital transformation of the hotel industry in Cambodia.

The  Earlyphant Virtual Company is fully supported by Mr. Takeshi Izuka, President of A2A Town (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. Mr. Takeshi is an advocate of technology research and development in order to usher in Cambodia’s digital transformation. Yuklin added that she and her team would like to look into developing more mobile applications for different purposes and provide more conveniences in this fast-changing world we live in.

KIT’s Virtual Companies: Kirirom Institute of Technology aims to bridge the gap between the academe and the industry requirements. In line with this, it has incorporated an intensive internship program wherein KITians put up and manage virtual companies. These virtual companies are an integral and compulsory part of KIT’s curriculum. It enables the students to experience the hands-on application of the theories in project management, problem-solving, team management, and entrepreneurship.

Aside from Earlyphant, Mr. Takeshi also supports 30 other virtual companies like Casstack, Len of Reality, the Coin, vKiflex, and K Studio to name a few. It is notable to mention that Jobify and Fixme are now real and registered companies.

KIT is a private higher education institution recognized by the Royal Government of Cambodia as the leading tech innovation institution that provides 100% sponsorship and 50% sponsorship to Cambodian students.  A2A Town (Cambodia) Co., Ltd as well as some angel investors from Japan provide 100% support in this innovative education endeavor. KIT will start student recruitment for the coming academic year 2022* in early August 2021.

For inquiries or additional information about KIT’s sponsorship program,  you may contact us via our  Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KITinstitute.

Finally, The Earlyphant Virtual Company invites entrepreneurs, businessmen, and philanthropists who would like to take part in innovating and transforming the next generation, to take interest in our research and development of mobile applications in preparation for Industry 4.0.

For more details and investment opportunities, you may contact A2A Town (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, or website: https://kh.kirirom.studio or visit our https://kh.kirirom.studio/contact/.

Photo by: Supplied