Greenland Movie Review

Directed by Ric Roman Waugh, who likewise worked with Butler on Angel Has Fallen, by a long shot the best of that political action thriller series, Greenland finds the story concerned less with turning away a planet-slaughtering calamity than with a man’s endeavors to keep his family protected from it. The action heroics of Butler and adrenaline are pushed aside, but this is a film pressed with rushes and probably the most reasonable looming end times mayhem the genre has seen.

Greenland kicks start by meeting architect John Garrity (Gerard Butler). John has a flourishing business, however, his union with Allison (Morena Baccarin) is on the rocks, for reasons uncovered later. They’re attempting to make it work because of their affection for youthful child Nathan (Roger Dale Floyd). While John is putting forth a valiant effort, the world is starting to stress over a monster comet plunging towards Earth. The legislatures of the world have recommended things will be alright, yet bits of the comet is severing and causing alarm. Furthermore, while at the store, ahead of time of a gathering, John gets a message from the Department of Homeland Security. He and his family have been chosen for a mystery migration venture. Gathering Allison and Nathan, a lot to the dismay of his neighbors, they set off for a close-by military air terminal. Lamentably, word has out and it’s bedlam.

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