Children’s Halloween Party at Himawari Hotel Apartments in the midst of COVID-19

Phnom Penh: Thursday, 29th of October 2020, the luxury hotel and apartment named Himawari Hotel Apartments together with Fly Phnom Penh, Singapore Cambodia International Academy (SCIA), St John Phnom Penh, Livcomo Overseas Import Export Pte Ltd, and The Giving Tree International School organized a joint “Children’s Halloween Party” Children’s Halloween Party that saw over 500 participants and their families attending in the hotel lobby area.

The event ran from 9 am until 4 pm, with Halloween activities including trick-or-treating, costume parties, cupcake decorations, snacks on fried spiders, children games, coloring, and watching Halloween cartoons and movies.

Guests enjoyed an array of food & beverage from the Himawari chef and team. They also enjoyed many types of games at game stalls and craft booths like face painting, clay art, song, and dance, and there was even a bouncy castle, which proved very popular.





During Children’s Halloween Party, Mr. Andrew Tay, Director of Himawari Hotel Apartments, mentioned that the luxury hotel apartment was in operation for over 20 years and took this opportunity to share his experience during the pandemic of COVID-19.

This year since the Covid-19, it started in China and, after that, spread around the world. And when COVID-19 struck Cambodia, it became challenging and affected many hotels and restaurants in the hospitality industry. But for Himawari Hotel Apartments, they remained open for business. They followed the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia.

At this Children’s Halloween Party, Himawari Hotel Apartments ensure guests’ had their temperatures checked, hands sanitized, and masks were provided free. Volunteers from the St John Phnom Penh, who was also present, provided first aid coverage and taught how to do bandaging for little ones. Besides the above, all guests, staff, and volunteers were encouraged to follow social distancing measures and one-way flow signage.

Mr. Andrew Tay, Director of Himawari Hotel Apartments, said, “Himawari has been in operation for 20 years already. Yes! In the early days of the COVID-19 period, all hotels have been affected, those that are not doing well were closed, but for Himawari Hotel Apartments, we always have been open for business, and most of our staff are currently back to work. Still, we have our SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia for a Safe Tourism Accommodation Safety Measures.”

Mr. Andrew Tay added more for the Himawari Hotel Apartments was to change strategies during a difficult time, and he thinks all the hotels and apartments still in Cambodia should have a plan like Himawari Hotel Apartments. Right now, The hotel planning how to be inclusive in the travel bubble plan and also for him to continue to engage online travel agencies, corporate companies, and overseas agencies and encourage them to come back to Cambodia. 

Himawari Hotel Apartments has been organizing the annual Children’s Halloween Party for more than five years until now. This time it’s unique as Himawari cooperated with The Giving Tree International School, which helped organize this event, The Fly Phnom Penh, which set up the bounding castle for children to enjoy. One of the F&B company Livcomo Overseas Import Export Pte Ltd, also cooperated with Himawari. They came together to participate in the event and welcome the community to enjoy themselves during this COVID period. 

Our daily operations are almost back to normal for Himawari Hotel Apartment, but we are still in survival mode and have to stay prudent in our operations. As the hotel director, he appreciates MOT (Ministry of Tourism) working hard to get everything back to normal. He also hopes to recovery back in one year or two years. Hopefully, the tourism market can become routine as the last time or even better just before the upcoming SEA Games in Cambodia.

Mr. Andrew Tay said, “Today we are expecting around the total 500 participate coming here that about hundred over adult and hundred over children that will be coming to Himawari Hotel Today. Yes, I expect about 50% of people they are coming here are local people, and the others 50% actually foreigner have been staying here and working here.” 

We hope that during COVID-19 and many people who also suffered from the floods in Cambodia, we hope everybody stays safe, stays healthy, and keeps yourself strong. Do not let your guard down and, at the same time, help one another during the period of COVID-19 and flood. Through our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program, Himawari Hotel Apartments have recently donated rice and drinking water for the flood victims.

Photo by: Sakura Engly