St John Phnom Penh members provide a basic First Aid Training to NGO school in Poipet, Khmer -Thai Border

Poipet: On 24th to 25th Sept 2020, Three of St John Phnom Penh’s members, together with Ahava Cambo organized a mission trip to Poipet (Khmer-Thai Border) to provide basic first-aid training to 28 teachers in one of the NGO’s primary school in Rangsie Village.

It was a successful mission and St John Phnom Penh donated a complete first aid box to the school and the teachers have the skills and equipment to handle emergencies.

In addition to the first aid training, St John Corps Surgeon, Dr. Indravina Tan, Managing Director of Davalda Medical Center, donated rice to 10 disadvantaged families in the community through the food aid program of LWBF. The members were also about to provide practical first aid care to the villagers.

About LWBF: Love Without Boundaries established in 2003, is an authentic international charity that provides hope and healing to orphaned and vulnerable children, and their underserved communities, through its education, nutrition, medical, and foster care programs.

LWBF has made a commitment to the children in several rural villages along the border region with the following initiatives. Establish “Believe in Me” schools so all children can have access to education, implement a daily hot lunch program for those in our schools, Provide loving foster care for children who are orphaned or who have suffered the trauma of trafficking, Deliver pediatric medical services to those with unmet needs And provide secondary and higher education opportunities to rural teens.

Every child in this region deserves the most basic rights of education, medical care, and good nutrition. Sponsorship opportunities can be found at the LWBF program sponsorship website

Photo by: Supplied