Zhan Liang Opens at Rosewood Phnom Penh Showcasing Sophisticated, Contemporary Fine Chinese Dining

Zhan Liang is opening at Rosewood Phnom Penh, debuting a unique Chinese dining experience in Cambodia.  Meaning “brilliant and shining light” in Chinese, Zhan Liang is both sophisticated and authentic, designed as the equal to any of Beijing, Shanghai, or Hong Kong’s finest cutting-edge restaurants.  It delivers a culinary journey showcasing the best of Chinese cuisines, accentuated by premium ingredients, highly personalized service, and refined surrounds.

On the menu, Zhan Liang’s masterful chefs present contemporary adaptations of authentic dishes, turning a spotlight on Cantonese, Sichuanese, and Northern Chinese cuisines. Within the spacious show barbecue area, skilled chefs prepare dishes in front of diners’ eyes. The centerpiece is the Roasting Station, where seasoned chefs expertly concoct premium meat dishes to perfection. Behind the scene, a dim sum expert handcrafts delicate Mekong Lobster, Yunnan Ham Dumplings, Morel Mushroom, Abalone and Chicken Dumplings, or Wagyu Beef Mushroom Bao Buns, while Zhan Liang’s wok specialist stir-fries scrumptious noodles and superbly fresh vegetables. Zhan Liang also offers an exceptional selection of live seafood prepared to order, alongside cooked delicacies such as abalone and sea cucumber.

In line with Rosewood Hotels & Resorts’ culinary experience concept A Sense of Taste and the Partners in Provenance initiative, the chefs are committed to source, present and showcase locally produced, sustainable, seasonal ingredients while respecting the cooking methods of the Chinese cuisine, resulting in authentic flavors. Zhan Liang associates are proud to honor the timeless and intricate connections between Cambodia and China with their creations.

Another highlight is the stunning Tea Library, which is home to a curated exquisite selection of 60 premium teas sourced across the world. In this rich and regal atmosphere, Zhan Liang’s esteemed sommelier is on hand for personalized tea suggestions, based on each guest’s mood and preferences. This innovative tea list is a good reason to come back and discover more surprising tea flavors. The chef also expresses his creativity around tea, with jasmine tea-smoked beef ribs and a tea-infused dessert.  Alongside its impressive tea collection, Zhan Liang proudly serves a selection of cocktails infused with Chinese ingredients, Chinese liquors, rice wine, an extensive wine list, and several Chinese beers, including a Jasmine rice beer.

The restaurant’s refined, modern interior design further enhances the culinary journey. A breathtaking atmosphere envelopes guests in serenity and sophistication, incorporating inspiration from powerful Cambodian temples and traditional Chinese medicine apothecaries. Pale jade brick walls and gleaming wooden accents surround diners with depth and culture, while contemporary lantern chandeliers glow overhead for a truly extraordinary experience.

As part of Rosewood’s A Sense of Place® philosophy, Zhan Liang showcases vibrant Sino-Cambodian artwork, including an exquisite mountain landscape tapestry by House of Tai Ping, a handmade rug and textile specialist headquartered in Hong Kong. The restaurant also features mixed media works by Leang Seckon, a celebrated Cambodian artist who explores social issues through the lens of ancient Chinese-Cambodian legends. His work, Lucky Crocodile Star, depicts the Himalayan Mountains giving birth to the fabled Mekong River, which in turn becomes the lifeforce of Phnom Penh, while Piece Friendship represents a magical relationship a Chinese man and a Khmer Goddess, whose son eventually builds Angkor Wat. Offering another perspective, the restaurant also displays striking, technicolor portraits by the artist JM Robert, who draws from pop art and street art techniques to express the beauty of Sino-Khmer ladies on a canvas.

Four enchanting areas – the Tea Library, Bar, Main Dining Room, and three Private Dining Rooms – ensure guests find the perfect environment to suit every occasion, from refreshments at the bar to a family reunion in the Main Dining Room, or a discreet business meeting in one of the sumptuous private dining spaces. The jewel in the crown is the meticulously appointed Entertainment Private Dining Room, which includes tailored set menus, personal service, a state-of-the-art karaoke machine, and innovative visual equipment for business events and family celebrations for up to 20 guests.

Zhan Liang chef David Pang’s two-decade-long career is an impressive showcase of culinary skills. He began as a wok chef in Greater China and continued his culinary odyssey in the Middle East. David’s next stop was in Malaysia at Fuhu, a contemporary Chinese restaurant created by Michelin-starred and celebrity chef Alvin Leung, where he developed his innovative flair. At Zhan Liang, Chef Pang lets his experience shine as Chinese Executive Chef, showcasing his understanding and appreciation of refined Cantonese, Sichuanese, and Northern Chinese cuisines. Aiming to fulfill guests with a unique dining experience, the chef infuses each dish with his passion and creativity, like the not-to-be-missed jasmine tea-smoked beef ribs.

Photo by: Sakura Engly & Supplied