St John Phnom Penh’s volunteer conduct health screening for poor people at Kompong Speu Province

Kompong Speu: On 15 March 2020, St John Phnom Penh dispatched a team of 15 members consisting of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and first-aiders led by Mr. Andrew Tay, Senior President of St John Phnom Penh. Along with Corps Surgeon Dr. Indravina Tan, Corps Staff Officer Dr. Leng Kanarin and other St John volunteers, they conducted free health screenings for more than 150 poor villagers at Preston International School in Jack Village, Svay Chor Cheb Commune, Borset District, Kompong Speu Province.

St John Phnom Penh also educated the villagers on how to protect themselves from COVID-19, such as by teaching them how to wash their hands and the right way of wearing a mask.

St John Phnom Penh would like to thank the following parties for their contributions to this event: Sui Joh for donating 500 masks, St John Phnom Penh member Ms. Leak for donating bread, Ms. Trish from St John Australia for sponsoring meals and medication, Himawari Hotel Apartments for donating soap, toothbrushes and providing logistical support, Preston International School, the Svay Chor Cheb commune chief, and St John volunteers.

Photo by: Supplied