Pleng Chan coffee shop hosted a seminar: “How to Influence People and How to be a Master of a Ceremony”

Phnom Penh: Sunday 22nd December 2019, a local coffee shop known as Pleng Chan hosted a seminar on the topic of “How to influence people and How to be a master of a ceremony”. The coffee shop has hosted a lot of seminars on different topics. These are social activities that help to develop the customers of all ages to learn about how to be a good communicator.

To begin with, Pleng Chan is a local brand coffee shop that serves customers both food and beverages. Pleng Chan includes Cambodian traditional dishes and Western foods, and a great number of sweet drinks. One of the best things about Pleng Chan is the environment that has been designed to calm the mood, to boost creative energy, and a place to bring out the passion of a dream into reality.

The events hosted at Pleng Chan make it more than just a coffee shop. The Peng Chan team has created and hosted a number of events and seminars. Along with that, Pleng Chan also has four important social clubs which include a Reading club, a Painting club, a Music club, and a Photography club. These activities have played an important role in allowing Cambodian youths to increase their skills, and to positively impact their lifestyles.

Meanwhile, on 22nd December 2019, an event called “How to influence people and How to be a master of a ceremony” was completed successfully with 20 youth who came to discuss the topic, and raised a lot of important issues they are facing as teenagers. A very special thankyou goes to the three amazing guest speakers which include Mr. Tuy Chansopanha, Secretariat officer of General Department of Youth, Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, Mr. Khiev Chanveasna, HR Personnel at I-Finance Leasing Plc., and Ms. Chhe Sosomphos, Senior, Majoring in International relations at PUC for an interesting interactions sessions.

It is a beautiful picture on a Sunday morning to see Cambodian youth become so enthusiastic about things that are happening around them. The possibilities of great things are in the hands of the people who see its shadow and do not give up.

Photo by: Supplied