The Weave of Prosperity and Elegance @ CHIJMES Art Exhibition Singapore 2019

Singapore: Friday, 20th of November 2019–Lotus On Water sponsored an art exhibition entitled, “The Weave of Prosperity and Elegance” featuring elegant Feng Shui art, goods and jewelry brands. Held at the historical CHIJMES Hall in Singapore, the event was graced by the presence His Royal Highness Prince Sisowath Tesso and the Cambodian royal family.

Respecting the spirit of Her Royal Highness Samdech Reach Botrei Preah Ream Norodom Buppha Devi and offered a White Orchid flower to the crown of dearest Princess Norodom Buppha Devi to show love, adoration and appreciation to Her Royal Highness.

Master Yun Long Zi said “Last year in October, when we had our art exhibition in Chijmes Hall in Singapore, we had the great honor of the presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Norodom Buppha Devi of Cambodia as our guest of honor. Her Royal Highness kindly presented to me, her own personal Apsara Crown. It is as though Her Royal Highness knew she would be too busy to attend my art exhibition in future, and that her crown would be a symbol of her presence and her blessings. Her Royal Highness trusted that I would continue to bring to the world, the beauty of Cambodian art and culture. Under Her Royal Highness’s leadership, the art and culture of the Apsaras has been revived from the ruins of a great civilization and brought back to life”.

“In 2003, the Apsara Dance was recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.  It was the first time that a cultural element of Cambodia appears on this list. Princess Buppha Devi always gives up the gains of her own personal life for a greater entity such as her culture, her arts and her country and the world”.

He adds more “Such is the sign of a prosperous person, even when she has left us for the paradise she deserves, she could not bring away with her all, but leave with us such great legacy. That our loving memory of her would always be filled with love, joy, strength and passion for living. For the last two consecutive years of her life, Princess Buppha Devi gave me the honor and permission to host her birthdays in Bangkok and in Bali. In other words, I was the person who decided and took charge of the whole birthday trips and meals. The Princess spent her last two birthdays with only a handful of her closest family members, friends and among them is me”.

Prince Tesso says “That for Princess Buppha Devi to do that, means she believes I can make the most important day of her life, the happiest day of her life, and my answer from my heart. I think so too and I believe in and understand Princess very well.”

I asked Eric a few days ago when he arrived in Singapore: Do you know why the Princess chose to pass away just two days before the art exhibition and your fashion show? That’s because Her Royal Highness is eager to join in our party. Yes, Princess Buppha Devi always loved art, fashion, beauty, humor, jokes, parties and celebrations.

Tonight’s event is something that the Princess will never miss and I told Eric that we must put on a fantastic show tonight because Her Royal Highness is with us. This year in Chijmes Hall, we have invited Eric Raisina to have a fashion show with the exhibition of my art. This is most likely the first time in human history that fashion and Feng Shui art are exhibited together in the same hall.

Many people could have probably raised their eyebrows and asked Why does Master Yun want to have a fashion show in his Feng Shui art exhibition? Is it because Master Yun loves to wear beautiful clothes? Yes, it is true. Or is it because Master Yun loves to have beautiful models walking in front of him? Yes, it is also true. But one conviction of mine is definitely true that is that Feng Shui has been very relevant and important to us for the past thousands of years. And I would like it to be relevant and important to us for the next thousand years. In order to achieve such aim, we need to keep that which is timelessly true, and at the same time we have to be ahead of likes and trends. On this stage is a piece of painting, I am showing to the world for the first time. It is the single biggest piece of painting I have done so far and I did it in collaboration with Eric.  The base of this painting is seven types of silk cloths Eric has created, sewn together, blending Cambodian traditional silk weaving and his modern creation. On this silk cloth, I have painted 12 peacocks, representing the 12 full moons of a year.

No, there were never 12 moons, only one moon, but there were 12 times the moon is full coming into full contact with this side of the earth. What does the moon do to earth when they both meet? They create tides and when human beings harnessed the tides created from the relationship of moon and earth, we created agriculture. That is the beginning of the history of the earth when homo sapiens started producing in excess of what we need and this excess, which is reproducible and re-investable, is also called “Prosperity”. No animals on earth have understood how to harness the relationship between earth and moon to create excess. That’s why no animals except human beings understand the creation of prosperity. That is why this piece of painting I have painted is called “The Power of Prosperity of the Moon” The event tonight is called “The Weave of Prosperity and Elegance” 

It is the meeting of the universe of Eric Raisina, timeless fashion and textiles design, and the universe of Lotus on Water Feng Shui art. I wish for you that you would enjoy the Laurent Perrier Champagne and the canapés, the fashion and the catwalks, and also my paintings in spotlight and ultraviolet light. And most importantly, I wish all of you to harness the tide of prosperity that is created by the meeting of Eric Raisina’s universe with Lotus on Water’s universe. Thank you very much for being here to meet with us and to witness our meeting here tonight.

Photo by: Supplied