1). Sometimes just being beautiful is also hated and dangerous without realizing it.

2). When you follow the direction others make for you, you may someday find that you are falling off a cliff and are injured, or worse.

3). In school, teachers say that all students start at the same point, but in reality, in life, we all start at different points.

4). Life is like watching the performance of an artist on the stage: you never know what will happen next in your life until the performance has ended.

5). There are some people who give great attention to their beauty and appearance, but when we look past their exterior and look in their heart, we find their mind and body are already dead.

6). When you have the desire to destroy someone else, remember that there may be others who want to destroy you.

7). The size of the tree is not the most important consideration. Have the courage to nurture even the smallest one and it will grow fast.

8). Let your light shine and share it with others so that neither of you find yourselves in a dark place, alone.

9). Don’t set your expectations of others too high. Not everyone is going to be completely honest with you.

10). We each have a unique personality that is sometimes misunderstood by others. Only we can understand our own personalities very well.

11). How others see you, is not important…How you see yourself means everything.

12). We are born into this world pretty much the same as each other, but it is the daily habits and progress we choose to make that make us different in life.

13). Behind a successful man is often a woman who is always willing to sacrifice for him and put his needs ahead of her own.

14). Life can be a struggle. Keep focused on your future and don’t give up. There is a better life waiting for you.

15). When I carry a heavy burden, I don’t have time to hug the one I love. But if I put the burden down, I am not supporting the one I love.

16). Be thoughtful and careful. Don’t destroy your future.

17). Protect your own dreams and turn them into reality.

18). What you have, others desire. So don’t complain and learn to be satisfied.

19). Hard labor can make you very tired, but these difficulties can lead you to something unimaginably wonderful.

20). People who read books are often able to have a broader perspective of the world than the uninformed who are unhappy in their own little corner of the planet.

22). If you are quick to give up, you will not succeed.

23). Parents who limit their children’s decisions and freedoms eventually cause their children to flee from them.

Source: Kanha Sabay