Mouy Mern Alai 5th Press Conference

Phnom Penh: Friday, 4th of October 2019 Preah Soriya was hosted Mouy Mern Alai 5th Press Conference at Major Cineplex by Smart AEON Mall Phnom Penh.

The original Khmer Films during the 60s title “Kjorng Sang”, “Ka Kei” and “Pichey Vongsa” purchased back from Thailand by Preah Soriya and under Mouy Mern Alai project. The popular Films during 60s will be public screening at Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center (CKCC) from Tuesday, 22nd to Thursday, and 24th of October 2019.

Mr. Vandy Yeang, Director of Preah Soriya said, “Our team tried to research and purchase many Original Khmer films back from abroad because of all Original Khmer Film was lost and destroy during Khmer Rouge and the purpose to bring Original Khmer Films back is to show for Cambodian and especially young Cambodian who love Khmer Film during the 60s”.

Photo by: Supplied