Embassy of France in Cambodia will be Opening to the public of “Heritage Day” on this Saturday

Phnom Penh: As in previous years, the French Embassy in Cambodia will open its doors to the public on Saturday 21st of September as part of Heritage Day. Placed this year under the theme of “Déambulations botaniques” or “Botanical Wanderings” this exceptional event will allow the visitors to discover or rediscover the beautiful park of the French Embassy, a unique place in Phnom Penh which is home to a large number of plant species.

According to a new inventory conducted by a French agronomist and a Cambodian botanist, 200 trees of more than 50 species are flourishing in this 4.5-hectare park. In addition, 50 trees offered by the Cambodian Ministry of Environment have just been planted as part of a botanical project to promote plant diversity. Explanatory panels have also been produced to highlight the most remarkable species of the French Embassy park.

The botanical tour will also allow the visitors to observe and admire the mural fresco created on this occasion by the French artist Nuublaa as well as artworks by the Cambodian artist OU Vanndy.

The opening of the French Embassy is scheduled from 8AM to 4PM without interruption. Admission is free and without registration but food, drinks (except water) and bulky bags will not be allowed. The French Embassy park is one of the most important green areas in Phnom Penh, open to the public several times a year on various occasions.

Initiated by France, Heritage Day is now celebrated in more than fifty countries. In Cambodia, other remarkable buildings will also open their doors to the public on 21st September the Phnom Penh City Hall, the British Ambassador’s Residence, The UNESCO Office, The French Development Agency, The Lycée français René Descartes, The Royal University of Fine Arts, The Angkor Conservation in Siem Reap and The Royal Raffles in Phnom Penh. Schedules and terms of visit are established by each institution.

FRENCH EMBASSY – PUBLIC RELATIONS: 1, Boulevard Monivong, Phnom Penh – TEl: 023 260 010 / Fax: 023 260 020 and Email: [email protected] /www.ambafrance-kh.org / https://www.facebook.com/france.cambodge /