Activity high school student should do besides study

Phnom Penh: Friday, 13rd of September 2019, In academy year of high school, student tend to focus more on their study and prioritize their academy score. Most of students in high school haven’t decided or thought about their higher academy journey and major in university. That habit still continues in today generation that lead to undecided career goal after high school. Some might want to take gap year, just because of lack of understanding in how important in preparing for college.

Beside focus on only achievement in high school, students should spare some times and seek for information of their chosen major or their preference in university. The result of 2019 national exam just got out recently, most of student go out in the field and try their best in seek for information or apply for their chosen major.

Ms. Lay Chan Raksmey, a​ candidate and former New Generation School, Preah Sisowath student who just passed recent exam, still wavy in choosing her major. Ms. lay Chan Raksmey included that “When I was in my high school academy year, I didn’t go to career or education event that much because I only focused on study and if I went to that kind of event it might just a waste of time because during my senior year I had to focused on national exam” She added that “If I had gone to education or career event, it might pave my way better to the future”. A 2018 national exam candidate, Ms. Meung Chansomanita stated on how much does education fair play a role in students’ life that “Education is a compass that direct us, we can get connected to the seniors and at least have some background knowledge about that major. We can also meet people who might be our future classmates”.

Lay Chan Raksmey
Meung Chansomanita

A missed out of education-related event during high school does affect students in choosing major in college if they want to pursue higher education. Fresh graduated and high school student should join upcoming Education Fair this year. The “Higher Education Fair” is hold for the second time, lasting two days from September 14-15 from 9am to 10pm at the patio outside the Olympia Mall. As an instructor, Education Fair is await for students to gather information that might lead them in gaining a trustworthy information about their preference major. Beside university booth, there are also speaker’s session for speakers to share their experience on how they become success in their field. Speakers that will join the event are come from various field such as: Teacher Kou Sopheap (Buddhist monk, Kou Sopheap), DJ NANA, Ms. Ung Chansophea, Deputy News Director at CNC TV and Head of Women committee at Union of Journalist Federations of Cambodia, Chhoy Sokunthaneth, Co-Founder of SomJot.Students shouldn’t miss out this valuable event that might make a major change in their life.

Photo by: Supplied