St. Jonh Day @ Church of Lord Jesus Christ Our Place

Phnom Penh: Sunday, 23rd of June 2019, St. Jonh Phnom is NGO focus on First-Aid Training, Public outreaches and Humanitarian projects, which is “For the Service of Humanity orgnised the St. Day Event at Church of Lord Jesus Christ Our Place. St John Day always celebrated on 24th of June, as the birthday of St John the Baptist in the church calendar (Bible verses imply that John the Baptist was born six months earlier than Jesus).

St John also remembers the order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem originated in a hospice founded around 1070A.D. To care for pilgrims, which was dedicated to St John the Baptist. The brothers and sisters of the Hospital, which was recognised as a religious Order by the Pope in 1113, nursed the poor, sick or injured pilgrims of any faith coming to the Holy Land.As St John the Baptist Day, normally falls during the Singapore School Holidays, corps in Singapore typically observes St John Day on the first Wednesday after school reopens. While St John in other parts of the world celebrates St John day at their local cathedrals or churches with a special service held in recognised their members served in their local communities.On this day, St John members affirm their commitment to the twin mottoes of the Order, “For the Faith” and “For the Service of Humanity” in reciting the St John Pledge.

Here in Cambodia, St John Phnom Penh Corps celebrates St John Day not just in remembrance of John the Baptist, but also applying the basic fundamental foundation of the Christian faith which our order is founded upon that is “For the Faith.”With this in mind, we also recognize the service and the hard work of our officers and members (no matter whichever faith they come from) whom have served tirelessly towards their local communities through first-aid public duties, first-aid training, public outreaches and humanitarian projects, which is “For the Service of Humanity.” For the service of humanity, this year St John Phnom Penh will also be taking upon a project to help donate a construction project of a health center in Takeo province, thanks to H.E. Rev. Ernest Ung our advisor for his recommendation.In recognised the services of our St John Phnom Penh members, some of you whom will soon be promoted to non-commissioned officers, while others will be receiving your vocational tabs.  Afterward we will also be awarding medals to 2 of our members whom have participated the Grand Council youth meeting in Singapore (in this meeting both the prelate and our council chairman were very impressed by our members’ participation).  Lastly we will be recognised those members and trainers whom have done all of us proud this year for their First Aid and Home Nursing competition in Singapore (competition team members and trainers please stand and to my guests please kindly give them a hand of applause). Once again for the new recruits and members of the year 2019, St John Phnom Penh we would like to congratulate and welcome you to the worldwide family of St John (new recruits please rise for those who are in their St John polo-t).  This year is special where we will have some of these new members in the formation of 3 new corps from International schools such as ECS, ISS and SCIA.  Last but not least, I would like to thank Rev. Steven Seah and his CCOP team for their time today, and thank you for being our guest preacher at our event.  Not to forget, I want to thank the guests, our officers and members for their time and participation.