Are you swimming in the ocean, are you still onshore? The new infinity pool at Dara Independence has been outlined to closely embrace the natural curves of that particularly spectacular and peaceful part of the Sihanoukville Bay.

The Ocean Pool is the latest addition to Dara Independence Beach Resort & Spa in an ongoing process aimed at perfecting this quite unique destination without forgetting its prestigious past. A few months earlier, the new Sunset restaurant expressed the same commitment to develop modern facilities while keeping the essence of the place — where rainforest and ocean meet in a hospitable haven.

That feeling of belonging to such a unique perspective over the bay is enhanced by the materials selected for the pool and its surroundings – resin-bonded stone composites for basin lining, concrete, natural stones and wood. Neutral, light grey and beige colors let the sky and sea hues reflect on the surface unalloyed.

Around the expanse of aquatic and visual bliss, multi-leveled terraces, paths and low stairways connect to the gentle hill slope and its tropical vegetation. Concrete sail seemingly floating above, the bar roof reminds the “California Modern” school of architecture, but also the curvaceous structures so characteristic of the “New Khmer” aesthetics at the core of Independence’s atmosphere.

You feel in an entirely different world here, both serene and joyful with its vividly colored sunbeds and sala cushions. Yet the infinity pool is easily reachable from the beach (strolling down the Promenade right on the seashore), from the Villas Side and from the Jouvence gym and spa.

Photo by: Supplied & Sakura Engly

And that connection to the resort is palpable in the spirit of the place, too: “Through its history, Independence was graced with three swimming pools”, remarks Yvon Chalm, the architect behind the Ocean Pool; “The first one, right in front of the main building, was typically “Cambodia Golden Sixties”, a place to see and been seen, highly social; the second one, still in use, is functional, right near the lobby area; the third one meets our modern desire for being closer to Nature, for more privacy in our leisurely moments…and for some serious swimming!”