Lord Bunlue Pre Screening @ Major Cineplex by Smart Aeon Sen Sok City

PHNOM PENH: Friday, March of 1st the Thai comedy called “Khun Bunlue or Lord Bunlue”was Pre Screening at Major Cineplex by Smart Aeon Sen Sok city. The movie starting to release on March of 7 at all Major Cineplex Cinema.

Khun Bunlue or Lord Bunlue” Director by Phettihai “Mum Jokmok” Wongkhamlao and this comedy set in 1904 tells the story of Khun Bunlue (Mum), whom is assigned to Chiang Rai. His secret lover, a slave (Play by Mum’s wife Endoo) is suspicious about his new posting as he had affair with Chiang Rai woman before. When he arrives, his friend asks him to take care of his son and daughter while he is on duty overseas but as both the kids have a crush on slave too the babysitting turns out to be full of problem.

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