Cambodia Tourism Federation networking event @ Raffles Hotel Le Royal

The Cambodian tourism sector is set for spectacular growth in the next few years, thanks to industry networking through the Cambodia Tourism Federation (CTF) and support from the Ministry of Tourism. CTF president Luu Meng said this at a CTF networking event in Phnom Penh on Tuesday with the theme, ‘Stronger Together in Tourism’.

“Our ultimate goal is marketing and bringing more people to experience our wonderful country. But to do so, we need to develop our tourism products, and have policies and infrastructure that support such development. This way, our tourism sector will be much stronger,” he told the 200 guests at the event.

Mr Luu Meng said the last four years have been exciting for the sector, thanks to incredible work by the Ministry of Tourism and the private sector to develop mechanisms for better discussion and communication. The only way for Cambodian tourism to grow, he said, is for all parties to work together. “There is no single part of the equation that can stand alone. We are all working towards the same goal of making Cambodia the ‘destination of choice’ for tourists.”

He said the CTF started as four associations, but has since expanded to nine associations and two private companies. And it continues to expand with the goal to engage all aspects of the private sector and provide a platform to build the tourism industry.

Mr Luu Meng said: “Though having the right tourism policies are important, ultimately it is a coordinated marketing strategy that will draw more international tourists. This includes promoting our existing tourism products and developing new ones. But this needs to happen under a cohesive longer-term strategy.”

Photo by: Engly Tuy (Sakura)


6545Mr Luu Meng, President of Cambodia Tourism Federation (CTF), in a group photo with VIP guests.

6537Madam Sivlin Chhay, President of Cambodia Association of Travel Agents (CATA), and other VIP guests.