Restoring mangrove forest in Kampot

Kampot: Mangrove trees are distinguished by the ability to store amounts of carbon dioxide that is toxic to the environment and protect beaches from degradation, besides being a shelter for fish and many marines and terrestrial species.

Fishermen in Kampong and Tapaeng Sagke villages, Kampot province, southern Cambodia, funded by agricultural foundations, precede planting mangroves to protect biodiversity and improve their resources.

Sok Koav, Cheif of Kompong Samaki Community Fishery mentions about the Kampong Samaki community to this day is supported by Actionaid, coordinated by Angkor CWDCC. Mangrove Planting Project in Kampong Samaki Community Last year we planted 20,000 mangrove trees, with plans to plant 100,000 mangrove trees in the coastal area. Recent Projects For 2021, we plan to plant another 10,000 trees funded by ActionAid.

He added more the benefits of this mangrove tree are very important, if it is sold for business in charcoal, it will be the number one charcoal, a kind of hardwood if it is used well. It also acts as a detoxifier, secondly, to produce life-sustaining gases, and as a barrier against storms, rainstorms, and marine resources if there are too many mangroves. Mangrove trees produce more natural gas than in the mountains, which I dare say because the leaf is green for all season, they have water regularly if, in the mountains, some seasons run out.

Sok Koav said, “When we do not have mangrove forests, biodiversity, it seems to be ruined. When we have mangrove forests, we have biodiversity, we have fisheries. So today we are working together to protect natural resources. Protecting natural resources means protecting forests when we have forests, seagrass, and biodiversity habitats”. 

Thus, every day there are large and small boats as a family fishing method, fishing in shallow water is a lot. Night and day, both young and old, reflect only at least 20 to 30 motorbikes on this road at night, two or three-person per motorbikes and all the other pedestrians came to send and you carry a dozen shrimp boats.

Sok Koav said, “Every day we organize tourism services to attract visitors to earn money to serve the protection of natural resources”. 

Whereas​ Sim Him, Chef of Tapaeng Sagke community Fishery mentions for this community is a fishing community where we focus on biodiversity conservation, and biodiversity conservation, as long as we can conserve mangrove forest, biodiversity will increase on its own. To date, we have planted more than 400,000 mangrove trees on 28 hectares of land.

Sim Him said, In terms of this community, we started in 2005, and then we worked without the sponsor for two years. By 2008, we had support from CWDCC, which received a large grant from Actionaid. 57 families which directly benefit from tourism services in this community, and in terms of those who benefit from fishing, we have up to 5 communes, which are adjacent to the Trapeang Sangke community”.

In terms of livelihood, this community couldn’t make change all fisherman become too rich, it is impossible, but it can reduce poverty, can reduce migration. If we can reduce migration for our society will change, for example, the migrants will return to the village, and we will prevent more migrants. So children can go to school, don’t have to follow their parents.

The group of tourists arrivired Trapaeng Sangke Community Fishery said, “The view of the sea surface is beautiful in the evening as we see through the sunlight. I used to see the forest and mountains, now we come to see the sea, so it is interesting, it is cool, it’s unique”. 

A fisherman also mentions “When there was no community, there has a lot of illegal fishing gear and we have no income to support the family. Since the establishment of this community, the shrimp has increased slightly, and another biodiversity also increased, so our family has a better living good”. 

Mangroves are evergreen perennial trees that grow in swamps of fresh and salty water, as well as on the coasts and their roots are often submerged in water.

Source​: A24 News Agency