GOOD KRAMA Creative Boutique Opening

Rama Ariadi: Good Krama, an ethical fashion brand, officially opened its boutique at street 244, Phnom Penh, on June 1. The krama is a traditional Cambodian silk or cotton scarf made of thousands of tiny squares of contrasting hues – of darkness and light – that reflect the tumultuous history of Cambodia. Used in hundreds of different ways by people of all socio-economic backgrounds, the krama materialises the balance between function and aesthetics.
Good Krama is trying to slowly change the mindset of consumers by utilising only up-cycled and ethically sourced materials. The team behind Good Krama aims to reduce their carbon footprint to a minimum.
“By upcycling, we are not only reducing our environmental impact but we are also giving a new lease of life to what would’ve been discarded,” said the founder and CEO of Good Krama, Katia Nicolas. “Many people would be surprised to know that the garment and textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, second only to oil and gas!”
Photo By: Engly Tuy (Sakura) 

4188Katia Nicolas, founder and CEO of Good Krama.

4184Jana Ker showcasing a design from Good Krama.

4181Interested customers browsing through Good Krama’s designs.