Sony Alpha Festival 2018 @ Aeon Mall

SAKURA ENGLY: Sony held an event called Sony Alpha Festival 2018 at the Aeon Mall at the Daylight Plaza. This event showcases and offered a series of ultra-packed goods, especially for anyone who loves cameras and photography. During the three-day special event, there were five specialist photographers, including Kem Sovanna, Sport and Travel Photographer, Pu Sam, Portrait & Photos Retouching tips, Meas Raksmey, Crew with Equipment Balancing your Short Film Resources, and Soung Mardy, Mastering Art of Composition.
Photo by: Sakura Engly

4114Five specialist photographers having a group photo with Sony management

4127Products showcase at Sony Alpha Festival 2018 at Aeon Mall the Daylight Plaza

4088Pu Sam, Portrait & Photos Retouching Tips, introduces himself on stage

4029_CutHang Soriyan and Sun Yanich

4020OMG Girls Dance Crew