KUSANONE Grant Continues to Provides Facility Improvement to Support Health Sector

PHNOM PENH: The official announcement released by the Embassy of Japan in Cambodia on 8th December 2022 and the Government of Japan will provide US$506,595 in total for two recipient organizations under the framework, of the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects “KUSANONE” Grant.

KUSANONE Grant The Grant Contracts were signed between Mr. TANINAI Ichitomo, Minister Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan in the Kingdom of Cambodia, and the representatives of the two recipients respectively, to carry out the following project.

KUSANONE Grant The Project for Procurement of Machine to Produce Prosthesis and Construction of a Dormitory at Takeo Physical Rehabilitation Center in Takeo Province with an amount of US$162,715 to Takeo Physical Rehabilitation Center.

KUSANONE Grant This grant will install 15 kinds of prosthesis manufacturing and rehabilitation equipment and construct a dormitory for patients at Takeo Physical Rehabilitation Center (PRC) in Takeo Province. The PRC has been facing some challenges due to the deterioration of the current necessary equipment to produce prostheses and orthotics and the aging of the dormitory for patients to stay. Through this project, it is expected that 700 patients annually visiting the PRC will benefit from the improved facility and service.

KUSANONE Grant The Project for the Construction of a Maternity and Neonate Building at Kampong Cham Provincial Referral Hospital in Kampong Cham Province with amount US$343,880 to Kampong Cham Provincial Referral Hospital.

This grant will be used to construct a 3 story building for maternity and neonatal care at Kampong Cham Provincial Referral Hospital in Kampong Cham Province. The hospital has been facing issues such as the over capacity of mothers staying at the current maternity building, and the far distance to the neonatal care unit which takes time to transfer newborns under emergency cases. By constructing the new Maternity and Neonate building, it is expected that the hospital can provide proper space for maternities to rest after delivery and operate necessary treatments promptly for infants in need.

KUSANONE Grant Japan’s “KUSANONE” Projects started in Cambodia in 1991 in order to support Cambodia’s reconstruction and development at the grassroots level. The assistance aims to protect those vulnerable due to various factors such as poverty and misfortunes that directly threaten their lives, livelihood, and dignity, as well as promote self-reliance of local communities. Since 1991, the Government of Japan has provided over US$65 million for mainly local authorities and non-governmental organizations to implement 669 KUSANONE projects throughout Cambodia.

Photo by: Embassy of Japan in Cambodia