KUSANONE Grant Provides Bridge and Rehabilitating Irrigation Facilities

PHNOM PENH: The official release by the Embassy of Japan in the Kingdom of Cambodia on 5 December 2022 the Government of Japan will provide US$186,856 in total for two recipient organizations under the framework, of the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects “KUSANONE” Grant.

The Grant Contracts were signed today between Mr. TANINAI Ichitomo, Minister Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan in the Kingdom of Cambodia, and the representatives of the two recipients respectively, to carry out the following projects.

The Project for Constructing a Bridge in Amleang Commune, Thpong District, Kampong Speu Province within the amount of US$99,212 to Kampong Speu Provincial Department of Public Works and Transport.

The existing fragile wooden bridge vulnerable to heavy rain will be replaced with a new concrete bridge. During the rainy season when the bridge is washed away, residents need to make time-consuming, costly detours. It is expected to benefit 3,300 residents by allowing the transportation of agricultural products as well as daily commutes of pupils and inhabitants to the nearest school, market, and health center throughout the year. This aims to contribute to improving not only the residents’ standard of living but also school attendance and academic performance in addition to the increased agricultural incomes of households.

The Project for Rehabilitating Toul Andet Irrigation Facilities in Kampong Cham Province with the amount of US$87,644 to Kampong Cham Provincial Department of Water Resources and Meteorology.

The grant will be used to rehabilitate the existing damaged dam and three pipe culverts in Prey Chhor District. The deteriorated irrigation facilities are not able to store enough rainwater during the wet season. As a result, the supply of domestic water is insufficient, and farming is unstable depending on rainwater. The project aims to ameliorate the shortage of domestic water during the dry season, and it is expected to benefit more than 4,500 inhabitants. The grant also aims to contribute to increasing farmers’ incomes by securing a stable supply of agricultural water.

Japan’s “KUSANONE” Projects started in Cambodia in 1991 to support Cambodia’s reconstruction and development at the grassroots level. The assistance aims to protect those who are vulnerable due to various factors such as poverty and/or misfortunes that directly threaten their lives, livelihood, and dignity, as well as to promote self-reliance in local communities. Since 1991, the Government of Japan has provided over US$65 million for mainly local authorities and non-governmental organizations to implement 667 KUSANONE projects throughout Cambodia.

Photo by: Supplied