Cambodia’s first xR studio lights up Cambodia Tech Expo 2022

PHNOM PENH: On 11th November 2022 The Tribal Visual Lab, Cambodia’s first Extended Reality (xR) Virtual Production studio dazzled attendees of Cambodia Tech Expo ‘22 (CTX) with technology revolutionizing the video production industry worldwide.

Tribal Visual Lab offers businesses and production companies new opportunities to explore the possibilities that xR brings. From corporate events to advertising and even short film production, with a studio that represents Cambodia’s first dedicated xR space – and with a forward-thinking ethos to match.

The booth visitors play the puzzle game for a chance to win special merchandise from Tribal Visual Lab.

In addition to the xR technology, Tribal Visual Lab will demonstrate some of its broad selection of xR technologies in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) at the CTX Startup area to be leveraged for activation events.

On speaking about the potential of these technologies Ilham Fajar Hadi, Disguise Expert and Managing Partner of Tribal Visual Lab, “New creative technologies are increasingly popular and are being brought into the market, it is about time to take the competitiveness in Cambodia on to the next step. As brands are constantly trying to outdo their rivals with innovations and creativity with other studios. As much as we want to compete in the market, we also want to invite them to join in collaboration works and developing the Cambodia Creative Industry.”

Huor Huonn, Finance and Administration Department of Tribal Visual Lab, Ilham Fajar Hadi, Disguise Expert and Managing Partner of Tribal Visual Lab, and Azizah Khairani, Marketing Department of Tribal Visual Lab.

The creative content creator team, made up of international members with a combined industry experience of more than ten years, aims to produce content rivaling regional neighbors and global studios at a competitive rate. As a driving force behind Tribal Visual Lab, is business partner and Cambodian events industry legend Osman Omar, he explained: “our team’s goal is to work towards uplifting the Cambodian creative industry, and we are calling on industry peers to harness the infinite possibilities made possible with this groundbreaking technology.”

xR technologies are becoming increasingly popular as virtual production is adopted more widely across a variety of industries. Utilizing LED screens, virtual production offers producers a way to bring CD elements to life in camera rather than with green screen post-production. Productions benefit from realistic lighting and immersive environments which can be easily altered, while previse movement tracking allows visual effects to be edited with ease.

The booth visitor experiencing day one xR technology production theme (Sports Car Racing).

Interested in experiencing xR technologies and VFX in turning your fantasies idea into a reality? Come visit their booth at the CTX at Koh Pich Convention and Exhibition Center (A-F) and stay tuned for their official launch early next year as there will be more activities and technologies to explore in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality. They also provide services such as Research and Development, consulting, and production services.

Photo by: Supplied