Devalda Medical Center Signs Strategic Marketing Alliance Agreement with Samitivej Hospital, Thailand

On October 6, 2022, Dr. Tan Indravina, the managing director of Devalda Medical Center, signed the Strategic Marketing Alliance Agreement with Samitivej Hospital which presided over the signing of the agreement represented by Dr. Wasu Kamchaisatian, M.D., Assistant Hospital Director of Samitivej Children’s Hospital.

The agreement is aimed to promote the recognition of both parties’ medical services including ways to work together to make sure that both parties’ patient receives care from each party either in Cambodia or Thailand.

In addition, both parties expand the collaboration services which include:

  • Walk-in pediatric teleconsultation (No appointment needed with short waiting time).
  • Teleconference between specialists for patient referral via ground or air ambulance.
  • Nurses and doctors exchange and training program at Samitivej Hospital.
  • Collaborative health talks and seminars virtually and physically.

Devalda looks forward to meaningful and excellent outcomes for both parties and believed that in that both parties can work together to reach a mutual goal which is providing medical services with confidence and trust to the patients.

Devalda Medical Center provides 24/7 healthcare services with a variety of specialists mainly in internal medicine and liver diseases.

Devalda collaborates with VAAC -VIP Air Ambulance and Charter Flight and has been working with various hospitals worldwide esp Thailand and Singapore. They source for only the hospitals that are of international standard and with a partnership that they can trust for their patients. Devalda & VAAC only do referrals for cases that are limited in Cambodia and with cases that are the patient’s family preference.

Photo: Supplied