Japan donates 520,847 USD for the restoration work of the Bayon Temple

PHNOM PENH: On 19th October 2022 the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Embassy of Japan in the Kingdom of Cambodia are pleased to inform the national and international media​ that the Government of Japan has decided a new support project which is equivalent to 520,847 USD for restoration work of Bayon temple in the historic site of Angkor, namely, “Supporting Project for Purchase and Maintenance of Vehicle and Heavy Machine, Purchase of Materials for stabilization work of Central Tower of Bayon regarding JASA project”.

In 1994, the Government of Japan formed the Japanese Government Team for
Safeguarding Angkor JSA, headed by Dr. Takeshi Nakagawa, professor emeritus, Waseda
University) as a project through the UNESCO Japan Funds in Trust for the Preservation of
World Cultural Heritage. JSA spent approximately 27 million dollars in total from the first to the fifth phase to carry out conservation and restoration activities at Angkor Wat and Bayon temple.

Since the third phase in 2005, JSA and APSARA Authority have been participating in
the project together as Japan-APSARA Safeguarding Angkor (JASA). In April this year, the
sixth phase started to mainly survey and work on the stabilization of the Central Tower of Bayon temple.

Japan’s Government hopes that this new support will contribute to the smooth implementation of the conservation and restoration work of Bayon temple, one of the most important temples in the historic site of Angkor.

Photo by: Supplied