AZ Group announces a new Business Introduction of Robotic Products and Technology with Hi-Tech Thai partners to Cambodia

PHNOM PENH: AZ Group today announced the launch of a new Business Unit(BU) of Hi-Tech Robotic Systems and an integrated platform consisting of a Service Robot, Industrial Robot, and Cira Core Technology collaboration with TKK Corporation from Thailand.

Oknha Lim Bunsour Chairman and President of AZ Group said, “To transform Cambodia’s manufacturing sector to become internationally competitive with modern technology and solutions, the latest signing (MoU) between AZ Group and TKK Corporation is now ready to come together to change the face of the industrial and service sectors. With Total Industrial Solution Technology that can be used in all types of industrial production and service sectors for Cambodia”.

Niwat Kongsomjit CTO and Co-founder of TKK Corporation said, “With expertise in being a leading supplier of automated production control systems in factories and service sectors as well as years of industry experience. Combined with the strength of our business partner AZ Group for Cambodia”.

He added, “Moreover, with the readiness of us and our partners with a common goal of raising the level of Cambodia industry to the next level by bringing technology to enhance work, understand the problem and truly meet the needs”.

AZ Group  was incepted in 1993 initially it was started as a family-run business-like environment in which it was focused primarily on trading-related business activities. Since its inception, AZ  conglomerate has gradually and strategically transformed into a more commercialized and technology-focused business development process where it has invested, nurtured, acquired, and merged with various businesses operating in a broad range of industries including but not limited to the following fields: Equity Investment, Investment Holding; Infrastructure, Property & Real Estate Development; Smart-City project, ECO Tourism, Port Logistics, Construction & Machinery Equipment, Trading, Clean Energy, PV, Energy storage, EV/Electric Busses, Automotive, Aviation, Agriculture Manufacturing, Banking, Financial Services, E-Commerce, E-Learning, Telecommunication, Insurance, Healthcare.

TKK Corporation is a leading provider of procurement and distribution of products in factory automation control systems as well as solutions for entrepreneurs in the industry. At present, there is a service in the procurement of products, equipment, and industrial tools according to the needs of customers. and has been appointed as an official distributor and service provider of industrial products in Thailand from more than 50 leading brands. There is also a system integration service for industrial plants.

Photo by: Engly Tuy (Sakura)