H.E. Dr. Ing Kantha Phavi, Minister of Women’s Affairs speech on the 73rd Republic Day of India

Phnom Penh: On 28th January 2022, The Embassy of India in Phnom Penh celebrated the 73rd Republic Day of India with great enthusiasm at Raffle Le Royal Hotel. The event was honored attended by H.E. Dr. Ing Kantha Phavi, Minister of Women’s Affairs representative of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

H.E. Dr. Ing Kantha Phavi addresses her speech, I am delighted and honored to join you all in this wonderful evening to celebrate the 73rd Anniversary of the Republic Day of India. This year (30 May) also marks the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cambodia and India. On this auspicious occasion, on behalf of the Royal Government and the people of Cambodia, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for happiness and prosperity to all friendly people of India, including those who are residing in Cambodia.

The 26th of January has come to mean a lot to all Indians living within the country and abroad as the country marks and celebrates the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect. Throughout her history, India has faced many challenges. But the willpower, determination, and resilience of the people of India have on many occasions managed to turn those challenges around into great successes. The drive to be better and the desire to reach a higher level is exactly what has shaped India into one of the most industrious countries in the world. As a friend of India, Cambodia is extremely pleased to witness India’s steady progress in socio-economic, scientific, and technological development over the past 70 years.

I note with satisfaction that Cambodia and India have enjoyed and promoted friendly relations and multifaceted cooperation over the years, bringing about benefits to our two peoples. The relationship is rooted in common cultural heritage and religion and now, I am also happy to observe the rising trend of bilateral trade between our two countries over the years thanks to the joint efforts of both sides to maintain the momentum of our political interaction and trading activities despite the disruption posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Availing myself of this special occasion, I wish to express my profound gratitude to the government of India for its commitment and constant support to Cambodia in political and financial domains, in assistance programs that contribute significantly to the socio-economic development of Cambodia such as the Quick Impact Project Scheme, scholarships for Cambodian students to graduate degrees and above in prestigious Indian universities under the framework of Mekong Ganga cooperation, assistance to Cambodia’s demining efforts and restoration and preservation of cultural heritage Khmer such as the ongoing restoration and conservation of Ta Prohm Temple.

I am pleased to recall with high appreciation that India as the largest democracy extended its recognition and support to the Cambodian government soon after the country was liberated from the Khmer Rouge genocidal regime in 1979. Furthermore, India made an active contribution to Cambodia’s peace process by sending its peacekeepers during the UNTAC mission in Cambodia. Since then, India has provided her kind assistance to the Kingdom to support the development of various sectors, including education, health, and culture, thus contributing to peace and prosperity in the region and the world.

As ASEAN Chair this year, Cambodia is ready to work closely with other ASEAN member states and India to uplift the ASEAN-India Strategic Partnership to new heights to foster, even more, substantial and mutually beneficial relationship, as well as to maintain and uphold peace, security, prosperity and sustainable development in the region.

Taking this solemn opportunity, on behalf of the Royal Government of Cambodia, I strongly believe that with our shared aspiration and commitment, the existing friendly relations and close cooperation between the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Republic of India will be further expanded and strengthened for mutual interests of our two nations and people. I am confident that Cambodia and India will emerge from the pandemic stronger together.

Source: India in Cambodia (Embassy of India, Phnom Penh)