Indonesian Embassy in Phnom Penh Promotes Tourism and Trade Through Hybrid Familiarization Trip

Phnom Penh: “There is a saying about Bandung, the capital city of Sunda, which was created when God was smiling,” said the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, in his opening remarks at the Hybrid Familiarization Trip (Famtrip) themed “Exploring the Land of Sunda” organized by the Indonesian Embassy in Phnom Penh. On 27 November 2021. Visitors will feel and enjoy the sensations and experiences in the Land of Sunda even though they are still physically in Cambodia.

The activity aims to promote Indonesian tourism, especially West Java Province, and strengthen people-to-people relations between the two countries. In addition, at the same time, a mini bazaar was also held which contained products from Indonesia. Besides being attended by the State Secretary from the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Information, Generals from the military in Cambodia, and the President of the Cambodia Travel Association (CATA). The event was also attended by media, influencers, and students from several universities in Cambodia.

Visitors are invited to take a virtual trip to the Museum of the Asian-African Conference which has King Norodom Sihanouk photos. King Norodom Sihanouk photos of when PM Ali Sastroamidjojo welcomed King Norodom Sihanouk as head of the Cambodian Delegation to the Asian-African Conference and the chairs where they sat. Cambodian officials and visitors who were present were very impressed when the Museum guide presented a translation of the Dasa Sila Bandung in Khmer.

In addition to virtual visits, visitors were also served with performances of the Peacock and Kidang dance and Angklung games from the Indonesian Cultural Center (Pusbudi) Nusantara, Indonesian Embassy in Phnom Penh. Visitors also get the opportunity to play the West Javanese musical instrument directly with a Cambodian song titled Arappiya which has a tone similar to the song Cucak Rowo.

To better feel the atmosphere in West Java, there are four booths, namely the culinary booth for tasting batagor, cireng and bajigur, and bandrek; fashion booth to try on various Indonesian traditional clothes; photo booth for taking selfies with the background of Gedung Sate in West Java and in the KAA booth. Visitors can also directly see and buy various Indonesian-made products in Cambodia, such as products from Indofood, health supplements from Kalbe and Dynamic Argon (a joint venture of Dexa Medica), Batik clothing, Cosmetics, as well as strategic industrial products such as combat equipment and defense equipment. Four of Indonesia’s five strategic industries that have been exported are in West Java.

The event was also enlivened by an interactive quiz presented by the host of the event, Met Chandara, a Pusbudi student from Cambodia. Most of the visitors who attended had never been to Indonesia, so this activity was the right momentum to introduce Indonesia, especially West Java. Meanwhile, several visitors who have been to Indonesia said that this Hybrid Famtrip is like nostalgia for being in Indonesia.

On the same occasion, the Indonesian Ambassador also symbolically expressed his appreciation to several Cambodian influencers, namely the Samdey Channel, RavenBlaze, and Mey Loy accounts, who have contributed to promoting Indonesia through their social media accounts.

“By showing Indonesia’s trade and tourism today, we hope to get an idea of the potential of West Java. Whether for Adventure, Shopping, Honeymoon, Business, Food Critic, Travel Vlogger, Student, or just curious about traveling in Indonesia, West Java has almost everything,” said the Indonesian Ambassador to Phnom Penh, Sudirman Haseng, regarding hybrid Famtrips “Exploring the Land of Sunda”.

Source & Photo: KBRI Phnom Penh