The Cambodian Self Help Demining NGO (CSHD) to continue its work in removing unexploded ordnance

The Cambodian Self Help Demining NGO (CSHD) continues its work in removing unexploded ordnance in several areas in Cambodia. The organization includes 5 teams of demining personnel trained to clear unexploded ordnance (UXO) remaining from warfare that villagers routinely find in their fields. It is estimated that between 4-6 million unexploded ordnance remain buried in Cambodia, with close to 60 deaths annually.


Bora Chenn Monitoring Mgr at CSHD said, “Today, we have received a request from a villager who found 36 UXOs in his garden. Moreover, we have destroyed these UXO to enable safety for them in Pour Chas village, Beng commune, BanteayAmpil district, OddarMeanchey province. We destroy many UXOs here; a report tells us this area is full of UXOs from the war so, my team continues to seek the UXOs in this territory to help keep people safe and happy in doing business and agriculture in this zone. So I would like to request to all villagers that if they have seen any UXOs – do not touch, play, throw, or pound them. You must report them to the authority, or local authority, the village chief, or report them to our Cambodia landmine organization (CSHD). I hope that all villagers are aware of the danger of these UXOs, and in the future, we want to see that every villager is safe. Thank you”

Source: A24 News Agency