Residents of shantytowns in Bangkok to receive COVID vaccine

Thailand: The government is accelerating the vaccination process among shantytown dwellers in Bangkok’s Klong Toey district following an outbreak of Covid-19. Thousands of people live in very close quarters within the slums and travel across the city and to neighboring provinces for work. Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang pointed out that the government will speed up the process of detecting infected people in vulnerable areas such as slums, and then test people who live in housing units in the rest of the capital.

Assawin Kwanmuan, Bangkok Governor said “Bangkok will test all infections in all areas. We will expedite the process of detecting infected people in vulnerable areas, such as slums, which we will look at first. We will then expand to the people living in condominiums. However, people must not come out of the home to help reduce the spread of the infection.”

I am not sure if I want to be vaccinated but my family will have the vaccine.

I would like to consult my doctor first. Since I have a medical condition, I think it would be wrong to force me to get vaccinated especially in cases of underlying diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. 

I don’t have any symptoms of any side effects other than the pain in the arm.

I’m not worried about the side effects of the vaccine, I am prepared and try not to overthink

Source: A24 News Agency