Cambodia – Charity team aims to reduce hunger amid the lockdown

In an initiative to help the poor and workers amid the lockdown imposed on Phnom Penh, to curb the spike of Covid, the Lockdown Charity Team works through social media to collect funds and donations from the well-off and provide them to support vulnerable families, as assistance was provided to more than 250 poor families until the moment. The needy expressed their gratitude to the members of the Lockdown Charity Team for the money and food they provided in this tough circumstance.

A leader of the Lockdown Charity Team said, “I saw on social media about the people who cannot sell their goods, especially vegetables because some markets were under the lockdown on purpose to stop spreading Covid-19. I saw an old lady selling her vegetables under the sunshine, she looked so pitiful, so I started some activities on Facebook to look for kind people to join my mission called The Lockdown Charity Team. I set two options for the mission, 1. With an amount, we will buy those vegetables, 2. With another amount we will buy rice, canned fish, noodles, etc, so we can mix the stuff and donate to the poor people who need help ducting lockdown. This mission is coordinated by Think Café and Eatery.”

Lay Sreymom, Founder of Think Cafe and Eatery “My name is Lay Sreymum, I am the founder of Think Cofé and Eatery. Today we are here to donate some food for 50 families who really need help, and today is the last day of our mission. In total, we raised 4,873$, and we can help 250 families during 6 days.”

A leader said “In fact all funds I got from kind people, like my friend, my relatives, my family, and the other people who want to participate. All of those people stay at home, they cannot step out, but they want to participate after they receive my call on social media, for me and my team can go out because we have permission from the government, so they transfer some money to my bank account.”

He added more, “4,873$ were collected in 3 days, we spend 20$ a family, in total we can help 250 families. This action we do only during lockdown and today is the last day of our mission. For the other charity activities, we don’t have a plan yet, let’s wait and see.”

Sreymom, added more “Collecting the funds is not so difficult, but taking the action is a little bit difficult because we have only 5 members, we have to do shopping and packaging for each family.”

The house owner “All the people who rent my room are suffering a difficult life because they cannot go to the dumpsite, it is already more than 1 month now, they have no food, but today they look so happy because they can get what they want, with all of this food they can survive with their family and kids around 10 days, I thank those guys who come to help us.” 

“First of all, I am thankful to all of them, I can’t show my happiness, I wish them all to enjoy happiness in their life.” 

“Thanks to all of them, with these foods my kids and my family can live for 10 days, thank so much.”

“Thank you for your video report that reached all people, and today we can have some food to feed my kids.”

Source: A24 News Agency