Soil pollution reached hazard level in Tuul River basin due to the accumulation of waste and construction waste

Mongolia: The Tuul river basin suffers from the accumulation of waste and construction waste contributing to the pollution of a large number of the city’s lands. A Leading Member of Control and Monitoring Committee in Mongolian Environmental Civil Council, Chinzorig Magvanjav, emphasizes that these areas are protected by law, but companies and factories didn’t abide by this law and kept throwing waste and construction waste, especially at night, calling on the competent government authorities to intervene quickly, fearing that this area might get more polluted leading to a worse situation.

Chinzorig Magvanjav, Leading Member of the Control and Monitoring Committee in the Mongolian Environmental Civil Council said “Now we are seeing a board of Tuul River protection Area. Before 1 or 2 years ago, this area has not any waste. But today it was full of waste likely to become a waste ocean. This is a special protection zone by law. But a construction waste was secretly littered in this area during nighttime. It was the wrong decision to give land in this area to companies. Our council has informed the situation to responsible organizations but doesn’t have any responses. We are planning to inform the Governmental agencies. All those agencies include the Environmental Department of Ulaanbaatar City, the Governor of Songinokhairkhan District, the land department of Songinokharikhan district, the Specialized Inspection Agency of the district, should take serious attention to this issue. Otherwise, this area will become more polluted; the situation will get even worse”

Source: A24 News Agency