Disposable cardboard beds for Corona patients

Thailand: The disposable cardboard beds fill the Erawan 2 field hospital, in the courtyard of the “Bangkok Arena” stadium with a capacity of 450 beds for Corona patients as the country is preparing for a third wave, which is expected to include the highly contagious type of Covid. In the meantime, Thailand recorded 2070 new cases of Coronavirus last Friday, which is the highest daily number since the start of the pandemic, while hospitals provide more than 28,000 beds and medicines to fight the current wave.

Dr. Ukrit Uthensuth, Director of Field hospital Center Erawan said, “We have identified the patient type for each covid group. The patients are divided into a color group such as green, yellow, and red. The green is those infected but not showing symptoms yet. The yellow group is infected with a fever taken to a private hospital and the Red patients were those who are severely ill and need a breathing tube. This center only accepts the green patient group

“I think I will have to contact a public hospital first. But if the hospital cannot accommodate any additional patients I will choose a field hospital”

Dr. Ukrit Uthensuth, Director of Field hospital Center Erawan, “The field hospital has 400 beds, representing 180 males and 220 females, but we are prepared to change the set up in case there is a need for additional beds in the future”

Source: A24 News Agency