We understand the grim conditions the citizens are going through due to the lockdown

Phnom Penh: H.E. Siphan Phay, the Delegate Minister Attached to Prime Minister, Spokesman of Royal Government stated in an exclusive interview conducted by A24 news agency, that his country is doing its best to protect the health of citizens from the virus, adding that the government understands the challenges and difficult living conditions the people live in the red zone areas in Phnom Penh due to the lockdown, emphasizing the importance of people to receive Covid vaccines to curb the pandemic. He thanked China for donating the vaccine to Cambodia, and Australia, the US, and other countries for supporting the country financially to eliminate the virus.

H.E. Siphan Phay, Spokesman of Royal Government said, We set up our goal, as a priority, it’s the people’s lives. We do everything, we can. We understand and we have experience from 1975-1979 that if we have life, we can do anything but when there’s no life there’s nothing. Cambodia needs the people, alive, living together, to build back our nation.

We have a priority to receive and to give the vaccine for the people. First, we isolate, vaccinate and reduce the illness of others, that’s the first strategy. Secondly, we make sure that the contaminated areas have been treated and cleaned up, to stop the transmission to other people. That’s our community plan, to keep that contaminated area away from the others, that’s what the lockdown means. We understand that the people living in those areas come across problems, I understand that. But it’s better to be alive, living is much better than getting infected by Covid 19.

For this time being, we’ve come across two crises; one is the flash floods (Oct 2020). The armed forces, the military, and the police went into the water to help the people; they walked through the deep water up to their necks to bring food to the people and now we come across Covid 19. So, the armed forces, the police, and local authorities have joined shoulder to shoulder, day and night to help the people against Covid 19.

We thank China for providing Cambodia with donations and we thank our friends like Australia, the USA, and others for providing Cambodia with financial aid to support the strategy to abolish Covid 19.

Source: A24 News Agency