Restaurants in Bangkok to support Myanmar against the coup

Bangkok: The expatriates from Myanmar around the world have reacted to the military’s takeover of their authority. In an initiative, one restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, works to help and support members of Bangkok’s Myanmar community who want to take action against the military coup. Instead of charging the customers for the meals, they are asked to donate to a fund to support Myanmar activists in Thailand.

Sai Lao Mai, the Restaurant owner said, “The military took over the country. There is a coup d’etat. So I was disappointed and I want to do something, but my shop is already about to open, so I said that anyone can come to my place to get a free meal, but instead of paying to me you can donate any amount”

Parinan Wannasawang, one of the Customer said, “I heard that the restaurant is hosting a dinner with donations to support Myanmar and fight against the coup there. I would like to show my moral support and try the food. This will be my first experience trying Burmese food”

Tun Lek nut, the vendor said, “The military has to end this coup and allow Aung San to resume her administration. We do not want a new election; we want the original election because the people have declared victory from their votes”

Source: A24 News Agency