Cambodia Volunteer doctors work to control the spread of COVID-19

Members of the Samdech Techo Voluntary Youth Doctor Association continue their humanitarian work in educating citizens about precautionary measures to curb the spread of Covid and to convincing them of the importance of vaccinations. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, a large number of medical students and volunteers have joined the association, like their number, after being trained by specialists in infectious diseases in coordination with the Ministry of Health, reached about 2,000 people. Vaccine recipients expressed their gratitude to these students and volunteers who continue day and night for the sake of their comfort and control of the spread of the virus.

Douk Kaussal, Team Leader of TYDA speak to A24, After got news about the spread of Covid-19 at the beginning, Samdech Techo Hun Sen initiated the idea of forming this group to fight the disease, then this team was created and headed by H.E Hun Manet and Mrs. Pich Chanmony, at the beginning, there were 440 Medical students, they are trained by a team of infectious disease specialists coordinated by the Ministry of Health.

The team leader of TYDA’s members also mentions that the increase very quickly from 440 to 2000 and we take action in State Hospital and private hospitals. As I am a team leader in this area, I feel our team is really strong and works so hard. I appreciated all of them; moreover, they are practicing their skills in real situations. They consult Cambodian people, explain to them the advantage of this vaccine, should do and don’t after getting the vaccine. So they were working so hard. I am so worried because many people from different zones travel in one truck with me, but I am sure that I am safe because I always follow the instructions of the ministry of health.

Douk Kaussal said, “All of us have to work for 2 weeks then quarantine for 2 weeks to be sure that we don’t get infected, we cannot meet our family, but we are happy because we are doing a great thing for our country and our people”

One of the volunteer said, “We are protecting our people from Covid-19, I don’t scare and I am happy with what I am doing now”

“As I am a youth and Medical Student, I cannot stand for anything; I have to take some action to save my country”

“There are difficulties for my work, but it is not a big problem to take me out of this mission, I will try my best for my team and my people”

The vaccine recipient said, “I have decided to accept this vaccine because I am a teacher, I have to meet my students and their parents, so it could be safe for all of them, I feel the TYDA Team is really good. I appreciated what they sacrificed”

“Today I come here to get the vaccine in the name of a teacher. The other doctors are treating the patient, so they have no time to vaccinate us, so what the young people are doing is appreciated”

“They are so nice, they are the role model to the other youth. Before vaccinating, they ask me about my health. They advise me a lot, right now I didn’t vaccinate yet because I have blood pressure, I have to wait until it gets better. I don’t afraid at all”

Source: A24 News Agency