The suspension of military exercises with China was not a political decision, but due to the spread of COVID-19

Siphan Phay, Delegate Minister Attached to Prime Minister, Royal Government Spokesman mention the suspension of military exercises with China was not a political decision, but due to the spread of COVID-19.

Well, everyone knows that the world is influenced by COVID-19 so the COVID-19 keeps everyone away from each other. So, it’s a non-political decision on that issue. It is the COVID-19 pandemic so we want to protect the people’s lives.

The constitution makes it very clear that we are not aligned to anyone, no one on earth as a nation becomes our foe but everyone is our friend. So, no matter for the change of the Presidency in the United States as well as the others (countries) they are all our friends, our Cambodian’s friends. So, based on neutrality that the Cambodians practice and secondly based on cooperation, understanding each other and helping each other, and making peace through stability through cooperation; that’s our foreign policy no matter who becomes the president. We do not belong to China; we do not belong to the United States, but everyone is our sister nation. Everyone is our friend, not foe.

It’s nothing to do with the United States Presidency. Whoever becomes the president we respect the American’s choice, we respect that. Cambodia works towards, together as a friend as a co-operation, as we respect the interest of each other so no one like I explained before, no one becomes a foe for us everyone is a friend. We respect the American’s choice and we respect their sovereignty as well as their interest. So, we work together; that is our job and our obligation. Through co-operation and through making world peace and stability, it grows benefit to everyone on earth.

Cambodia tries our best to tell the world no one is our foe because we are none aligned to the others, our constitution makes that very clear that we’re not going let anyone use our soil as well as our territory to become a military base, whoever, we don’t want to do that. And we love to explain (discuss)with each other and we act through diplomatic channels. So, what Cambodians wish to see in the world no matter about China as well as the United States, we like to work and live together and we enjoy prosperity through stability like free trade that the way it is. We’re not against the system of free trade but we support multilateralism we do not support one side. Multilateralism is good for everyone on earth. We care together, we enjoy peace on earth together and we enjoy prosperity where we could be able to build peace and prosperity, stability for the people, living well on earth.

Source: A24 News Agency