Midtown Mall Management and Tenants Welcome 2021

Phnom Penh: The year 2020 turned out to be a very unlucky year for Cambodia and around the world as the Covid-19 pandemic quickly spread its path of destruction, affecting people and businesses. Some businesses closed their operations temporarily, hoping to wait out the pandemic. Some companies were bankrupt and a lot of employees suddenly found themselves without a job. And more unique to Cambodia, some employees were asked to accept a reduced salary since the Covid-19 arrived in Cambodia.

As December of 2020 comes to a close, everyone is looking forward to counting down the year new and praying the next year brings a return to normal with better business opportunities and the job market becoming more stable. All of the tenants in the Midtown-mall and the mall management are preparing to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome to 2021.

Mr. David Weng, Managing Director of Midtown-mall and also the representative of KAO CHENG International Enterprise Co., LTD, shared his experience and ideas of the year 2020 and Covid-19, which has been affecting us for almost a full year. He pointed out that the Covid-19 situation not only affected the Midtown-mall, it also affected the rest of the world, causing almost everyone to make changes to their lifestyle. Just as people had to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions, businesses also had to restructure and make changes to their business models.

Currently, everyone is waiting for the vaccine to arrive in Cambodia. During this difficult time, the Midtown-mall’s management team is trying to follow the standard operating procedure (SOP) issued by the Ministry of Health in Cambodia and is doing their best to make sure every location in the Midtown-mall is providing a safe experience every day for employees and customers by performing deep cleaning, enforcing personal hygiene standards, providing alcohol for disinfection, and measuring temperatures at all entrance to ensure the safety of all customers and tenants.

Mr. David Weng, said “Okay! The situation of Covid-19 has gone up and down all year. At the Midtown-mall we have tried to protect all by requiring the wearing the masks, even providing masks to those who needed them, taking temperatures, and doing whatever we could to protect the mall and its customers. We also have encouraged the tenants to do whatever they can to ensure all of our customers are safe”.

Mr. Weng expressed his wishes for customers and tenants for the New Year 2021. He wishes that everyone stays very healthy and is able to avoid the Covid-19 pandemic. He especially would like to see things get back to normal so that everyone will have a good and prosperous year for 2021.

Midtown’s management, staff, and all the tenants have been working hard to fight the Covid-19 situation for a very long time. All the tenants are doing their best to support the mall and Midtown-mall’s management and appreciate everyone for the help and cooperation since the mall reopened.

Weng added more on 2021: The Midtown-mall will have a full year plan with a very specific marketing strategy to support tenants, meanwhile, the mall confirms the yearly plan such seasonal events every month, collaboration with sponsors, creation of promotions, and especially the mall will be changing the new face by new decoration by the season to attract the customers to visit our tenants.

Mr. David Weng said “We will talk to all our tenants and seek their collaboration so we can help each other and at the beginning, everyone has given their opinions and their suggestions so we can make the marketing of the mall or promotion of mall better and more collaborative. In the next year, we will have marketing and also protection and anything else that could help the businesses grow, then we will do it”.

Midtown-mall and all the tenants are enduring the pandemic of the Covid-19 situation and are encouraged to motivate each other. They are wishing after the year 2020 their businesses will be stable as in previous years.

Photo by: SPA Team & Sakura Engly