The Invitation Program of Young Politics Oriented Cambodians to Japan

Phnom Penh: 10 young politics-oriented Cambodians will visit Japan from 23 to 31 January 2020. Under the theme of “Japanese Multiparty Democracy”, the group will attend lectures and visit legislative, administrative and judicial institutions in Tokyo, as well as Hachioji-city to observe the process of a local election. They will also travel to Tokushima prefecture and visit sites related to the local administrative and culture to deepen their understanding of Japan.

With this 4th program, following the previous 3 programs done after the General Election in 2018, the number of the young Cambodians participants will reach 40.

Through the program, it is expected that the participants, who will lead the future of Cambodia, will enrich their views on Japanese multiparty democracy as a reference for the democratic development of their country.

Photo by: Supplied