Phnom Penh: Wednesday, 12nd of December 2019In the second season of Cambodian Net Idol, Yes 018 and Cake Experiential Communications have teamed up to search for the internet’s next Cambodian Net Idol. The online competition airing exclusively on Facebook, sees Cambodia’s Top 12 Influencers competing against each other to win their share of cash, a contract, and prizes worth up to USD $35,000! With weekly episodes and challenges aired exclusively on Facebook, the popular Cambodian reality show has seen great success in its first installment with over 7 million views, and is set excite viewers everywhere for Cambodian Net Idol Season 2 but that’s not all, fans of the show also hold the power to enable their favourite contestants to move on to the next stage by following their journey on social media, and supporting them via online voting sessions after every weekly episode.

Made famous for their creative abilities to create and share quality content on their respective social media channels, Net Idols typically have personable personalities which resonate with their close community of followers. In turn, Net Idols have become an integral aspect to 21st century marketing tactics, with the world’s leading brands and marketers utilising them as a means to connect to their desired consumer base. “The game is changing” says Andy Ong, CEO of Cake Experiential, “Net Idols are the new face of marketing as they lend much needed authenticity and relatability to the brands that they share with their fans and friends”. 

Changing the way we consume content, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube allow Net Idols to share their experiences, opinions, and talents directly to a wider audience on a hugely connected web. Sharing his insights, Jeck Tan of Yes 018 sees this as a huge opportunity for the Cambodian talent and entertainment industry, “Getting involved in Cambodian Net Idol is our way of promoting and supporting upcoming Cambodian talent. We want to be the ones to lead the way with a platform for our Net Idols to showcase their talent and abilities by giving them the much needed support to develop themselves. Behind all these is Yes 018’s high speed and reliable 4G network that is built to help progress the country through technological innovation and digitalization”. 

For interested participants, here’s how to become one of Cambodia Net Idol’s Top 12 Finalists:

  1. Tag @CambodianNetIdol and @Yes KH in a 1 min video on Facebook! Tell us everything we need to know about you.
  2. Show off your talents and skills! Let us know why you are the next Cambodian Net Idol!
  3. Hashtag #CambodianNetIdol in your posts, and include your Instagram and YouTube username if you have one.

Auditions close on 31 December 2019! Visit Cambodia Net Idol’s Facebook Page for more details. Submit your videos today, and take the first step to becoming the next Cambodian Net Idol!

Photo by: K&M