Global Citizenship Option Opening Up for Cambodians @ Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra

Phnom Penh: Saturday, November 23, 2019. Arton Capital hosted a conference for Cambodians at the Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra to promote their services that empower individuals and families to become Global Citizens by investing in a second residency and citizenship around the world.

A new option is available for the wealthy. Investing in a second passport could mean greater mobility and unrestricted access to many countries. It could mean more freedom, more access to opportunities, insurance to the future, and even a way to turn dreams into reality.

Mr. George Eid, Vice President Business Development of Arton Capital, recently did a road show in Cambodia for the company’s services on global citizenship. Arton Capital is a leading global citizenship advisory firm that recently partnered with Exotic Capital, a group firm co-founded by entrepreneur, host and Ms. Voeung Chan Delice to offer its services in Cambodia. Mr. George Eid, said: “The Cambodian launch is a very important one as we see the affluent expanding their business into Europe and greater interest towards Global Citizenship We are excited to work with Exotic Capital as our partner in the country.”

Mr. George Eid, Vice President Business Development of Arton Capital.

A Cambodian whose passport grants him visa-free access to 66 countries could buy into, let’s say, a Montenegro or Portuguese citizenship and more than double his travel freedom. Either one of those passports would give him visa-free or electronic travel authority access to at least 123 countries, including Schengen-member states.

For others, it means their children could access world-class education. Their aging parents could get better health care. They could expand their business, secure their future against political unrest, climate change or any other reason requiring them to renounce their original citizenship.

Ms. Leena Motwani, Associate Vice President of Arton Capital.

Arton Capital empowers individuals and families to become Global Citizens. This is accomplished through a high-end service experience, which simplifies complexity and is supported and sustained by long-term relationships. As a global financial advisory firm, specializing in investor programs for residence and citizenship Arton plays a critical role in helping governments, consultants, legal and financial professionals and investors to meet their goals quickly, efficiently and more effectively.

Furthermore, as an industry leader, Arton curates the Global Citizen Forum, where delegates, government representatives and industry patrons meet annually to exchange, build awareness, educate and promote global citizenship. Arton places a high importance on its corporate social responsibility programs and as a co-founder of the Global Citizen Foundation, the company is joined by its team, partners and clients to contribute to the development of the next generation of leaders and enriching education policies worldwide.

Ms. Voeung Chan Delice, Chairwoman of Exotic Capital.

Arton’s global operations are spread over 15 offices around the world and oversee over US $4 billion of investments in Global Citizen programs.  Arton Capital is a member of The Arton Group, which is comprised of licensed banking, financial advisory and investment consulting companies tailored to the needs of global citizens.

Arton’s working on Global Citizen Programs to North America: Canada (Quebec), USA, Europe: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Portugal, Caribbean: Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia and Global Citizen Programs North America: Canada (Quebec) Immigrant Investor Program, USA EB-5 Europe: Investor Program for Residence and Citizenship in Bulgaria, Citizenship by investment program Cyprus, Portugal Investor Residency Program Caribbeans: Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programs

For more information please contact to Ms. Voeung Chan Delice, Chairwoman of Exotic Capital and Telephone number 078 820 840, E-mail: [email protected]/ [email protected] and Address: No. 12, St. 348, Sangkat Toul Svay Prey, Khan Chamkamrn, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia. 

 Photo by: Engly Tuy (Sakura)