AEON Cardholders getting 15% off at Singapore Medical Center

Phnom Penh: Get 15% off, for AEON Cardholders on Health Checking and Health Care at Singapore Medical Center with expert doctors from now until 30th April 2020.


Discount 15% on all health screening packages at SGMC

(Excluding these packages: The wedding ring and know your​self)

Discount 10% with doctor consultation fee.
Special Offer on Holistic and Wellness Programs
Volcanic Sandbath Japanese Spa (Purchase 3 sessions, Complimentary 1 session)
NIFI therapy (Purchase 3 sessions, Complimentary 1 session)
Must be made bill payment by AEON card or AEON Card Mobile Scan to pay
The discount does not apply for other promotion.
Hotline: 023 236 900​ or Mobile: 077 755 660 (Singapore Medical Center)

For more information, please contact to our customer service 023 988 555 or visit our website