Adidas Original Store Grand Opening @ AEON Mall Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh: Sunday, 20th of October 2019. The international brand Adidas Original was celebrated with the opening of the latest store at AEON Mall Phnom Penh. This is second Adidas Original store in Phnom Penh and the 7th Adidas store in Cambodia.

Opening day was well attended by hundreds of Walk-in customers, along with VIP guests and the special attendance of Thierry Chantha Bin, Brand of Ambassador for Adidas Cambodia. The international brand also attracted many celebrities including Jeleng, Virak Nich, Kesor from SWSB, Poahong Hay, YaroVy, Sura Ran, Mélia Constantin, and Raksa Neth. The crowd was entertained by a flash mob dance featuring D-Men Dancers Crew.

Flash mob dance featuring by D-Men Dancers Crew.

Fresh drinks were served along with delicious, custom-made cupcakes. Other entertainment included the Adidas Claw Machine, a Selfie Booth and special Music Mix by DJ Maily. It was a high energy party atmosphere

Thierry Chantha Bin, Brand of Ambassador for Adidas Cambodia, Raksa Neth, Mélia Constantin, Virak Nich, Poahong Hay, Yaro Vy, , and Kesor from SWSB.

During the evening of the Grand Opening event, Adidas Original customers who purchased $100 dollars or more at the store, were offered the opportunity to try their luck at Adidas claw machine to win an Adidas Cap, Adidas T-Shirt or a Bag-pack from Adidas Original that they could wear and take home with them. For Adidas fans who didn’t meet the purchase minimum could answer a very simple question from a store employee and could win a very beautiful Bag-pack from Adidas Original as souvenir. It seemed like everyone was a winner.

Photo by: SNAPP.Media