DreamGirls Design Contest 2020

PHNOM PENH: Tuesday, 15th of October 2019 the DreamGirls team collaboration with Sourire Pro and Ars Co., Ltd (SPA) will be organizing the “DreamGirls Design Contest 2020” under the theme Cambodia Kingdom of Wonder” at Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC).

The purpose of the “DreamGirls Design Contest 2020” Project:

1). The contest of the DreamGirls Design Contest Project is designed for Cambodian women, as in every year, to look for the highly talented women in Cambodia since 2010.

2). The contest of the DreamGirls Design Contest Project is offering opportunities to all Cambodia women and guide them to learn about arts skills such as Graphic Design and self-employment or running the business through the program.

3). The contest of the DeamGirls Design Contest Project to combine all Cambodia women’s designs and use their achievements for other companies on the products and the main point is to support Cambodia women.

Since 2010 the DreamGirls Design Contest project has received 1,584 female applications from contestants and 2,991 artwork designs summited by contestants to completion.

The program of the DreamGrils Design Contest 2020 will be organized in 4 sessions.

1). Thursday, 5th December 2019 is the first step for submission of artwork designs from contestants.

2). Monday, 16th of December 2019, invitations will be prepared for the qualifying contestants to participate at our seminars and prepare themselves for the Final Round on Saturday, 4th January 2020.

After selecting the winners the “DeamGrils Design Contest 2020” project will officially announce to the public on Wednesday, 15th February 2020. Winners will have their work showcased. The top prize is $1,000 cash, Second prize is $300 cash, and the third prize is $100 cash. There will be special awards or Certificates of honorable mention for those not selected as a winner.

As in our information above we hope that our article will be useful for national and international media, and especially for those whom can contribute spreading the message of this opportunities to our Cambodian talented women and encourage them to summit their artwork designs to our “DeamGirls Design Contest 2020” project.

For more information please contact: 011 869 504/ 070 961 592  E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook Page: DREAM GIRLS Project
Website: www.dreamgirlsproject.com

Contact: + 855-12 617 222/ 081 222 617/ 011 869 504
FACEBOOK: Dreamgirlsdesigncontest
Email: [email protected]

Ms. Wakana NUKUI, Founder of DreamGirls Design Contest Project.

DreamGirls Design Profile: The DreamGirls Design Contest project was established in 2010 by Ms. Wakana NUKUI, the mission of DeamGirls Design Contest project is to produce the stage which makes Cambodian women’s dreams come true through the contest and dream job such as Graphic Designer. To accelerate the level of whole women’s position by making role models and leaders of women who are economically independent with their dreams. The DreamGirls Contest project has received awards from ADREAM (YUME) 3rd Award in 2013, Asia Social Innovation Award in 2011 in Asia, Social Action Award in 2011 at Diamond Magazine Online at Japan and Women Entrepreneur Special Award in 2011 Chamber of Commerce at Japan.

Women are at the top of priority list because gender equality issues continue within employment groups (women dominate the garment sector, men dominate the construction sector) where 70% of women are in vulnerable employment and underrepresented in the public sector, 77% of public sector employees are men and 85% of “decision-makers” (Senior Officials/ Managers) are men (Office of the high commissioner, U. H., Cambodia. (2015, January 26). Gender Equality and Human Rights. Retrieved April 10, 2019, from http://cambodia.ohchr.org/en/issues/gender-equality-and-human-rights). It aims to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. The contest will empower 70% of Cambodian women. It has received 1,584 female applicants and 2,991 different artworks since 2011. In 2020, the eligible age for female contestants are between 12 to 40 years old and the number of female contestant in this contest aim to increase by 600 and around 1,200 artwork designs.

What do we want to solve!!! Cambodian women have a lower position in Cambodian society, 70% of women, who work in Cambodia currently do not have any social security and are lacking in skills. For financial gain, there are parents who sell their children and some women work as prostitutes. On the other hand the economic growth rate of Cambodia is an estimated 8% every year and thousands of foreign companies run their business in Cambodia and they are in need of designers. However they outsource designs from Thailand since there are not many graphic designers in Cambodia. Women can work from home as a graphic designer while they raise their children. The field of graphic design is seen as a Dream Job for Cambodian women. Moreover the salary is fairly competitive and more than substantial to sustain an individual and family when working as a designer. We think that this project protects national interest as well.

DreamGirls Design Contest activities:
1. Design Contest Excavation of talent of Cambodian women.
2. Design Workshop giving advice from Professional artists and designers
3. Business Advice Giving advice for entrepreneurs supporting their designs to be adopted by established companies.

Ms. Sopheap Nhem is the 1st Award Winner of the DreamGirls Design Contest in 2013.

DreamGirls Design Contest Successful Women: The DreamGirls Design Contest project brought the talented women of Cambodian to be successful in career with theirs dream as in the slogan “Designs unlock your DREAMS” and let their dreams come true. Sopheap Nhem is the 1st award winner of the DreamGirls Design Contest in 2013 and she also received an award from another art contest in 2014 and afterwards became a top artist. In 2013, Sopheap drawings and artwork sold for only $10 per art piece but currently the value of her drawings are at a figure of $3,000 per art piece. In 2016 she become a judge of the DreamGirls Design Contest. In 2016 and 2017, she was an advisor for applicants of the DreamGirls Design Contest project. In 2017 her exhibition was held at the Intercontinental hotel in Phnom Penh and the Japanese Ambassador admired her designs.

Ms. Vattey Heang, Founder Sourire Pro and Arts Co. Ltd. (SPA) and She is also organizer of “DreamGirls Design Contest 2020”.

Ms. Vattey Heang, Founder Sourire Pro and Arts Co. Ltd. (SPA), which is Adverting and Design Company that establish in 2017 and she is also owner of the Vattey Brand representing great hand – make souvenir products in Cambodia. Moreover starting in 2019, she is the talented woman who will organize the DreamGirls Design Contest 2020.  She is educating more than 60 employees and working as CEO of SPA and Vattey brand since 2016. As the opportunities to organize the DreamGirls Design Contest 2020 and Ms. Vattey Heang said, “This contest will be funded and sponsored by local firms in Cambodia through SPA’s network companies and business network communities. Hence, this project has been organized and supported by many companies since 2010. My commitment is to see artists sector grow continuously in Cambodia and get lots of profit in their business. Ms. Wakana NUKUI is a model of my life, a women make my dream come true. She is a sister, business advisor. She was supported by financial, knowledge, inspiration. We have a very strong relationship and we will do for our dream and share experiences and teach my young generation (Designer) my artists to improve their skills and talent into market needs.”

Photo by: Supplied