The Royal Ballet Cambodia @ The Masteryunart Exhibition in Barcelona Spain

Phnom Penh: Prince Tesso Sisowath arranged for the Royal Ballet of Cambodia (Robam Preah Reachtroap) to perform in Barcelona, the capitol of Spain on September 2019. The Royal Ballet of Cambodia (Robam Preah Reachtroap) performed during the Masteryunart Exhibition at the La Pedrera museum in Barcelona.

Prince Tesso Sisowath and Madam Sak Sisbong, The top 60’s actress

During the two days of the Masteryunart exhibition, Cambodia brought Apsara Dance, Prayer Dance, Monkey Dance, Fish Dance and Blessing Dance to showcase to the world. The event also included a Spanish Flamingo dance and a children’s group from the Philippines.

The exhibition also features 50 paintings. All the paintings depict various behaviors of Peacocks, a beautiful bird and considered to be one of the world’s “lucky birds”. It also showcased a variety of other lucky birds. This is second time for the Masteryunart Painting exhibition in Europe. The first exhibition was held at Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The Royal Ballet of Cambodia is a form of performing art established in the royal courts of Cambodia for the purpose of entertainment as well as ceremonial propitiation. It is the dominant genre of dance theatre in Cambodia and features the classical dance style.

It is performed during public occasions and ceremonies in Cambodia as well as among Cambodians in other countries.  Performances entail elaborately dressed dancers performing a slow and figurative set of gestures and poses meant to entrance the viewer. The repertoire includes dances of tribute or invocation and the enactment of traditional stories and epic poems such as the Ramayana.

Photo by: Supplied