Ninov Akbar The General Manager of Ming Wouy Group

The Ming Wouy Group is a diverse combination of business designed to cater to the needs of consumers in a developing economy. Ming Wouy Group mission is to be the first in retail of furniture, lighting, fashion, restaurant, designing and entertainment club Cambodia and to be employer of choice for all Cambodian people.

Ninov Akbar has been with Ming Wouy Group since September 2019 and has experience over 13 years managing and evaluating business unit with good collaboration skills in marketing, retail, sales and operation in national & multinational. Ninov Akbar was head hunted by the Philips Lighting Indonesia for Retail Experience Management, He shows his commitment and dedication to grow Lighting Store by Philips, Modern Mass Retail and E-commerce channel significantly in 2 years and getting more investors to be partnership with company. Ninov Akbar is a talented marketer and retail expert. He is very creative in coming up with latest consumer campaigns and has sharp eye for trends and designs. Ninov Akbar contributed to fast double digit growth in Lighting Store by Philips and Modern Mass Retail Channel. Ninov Akbar was head hunted and appointed the company’s has General Manager for Philips Lighting Cambodia, to accelerate the growth and transformation in both commercial and consumer channel in Cambodia.

In Indonesia, his passion has been to drive the growth consumer channel in Lighting Store by Philips and Philips Planogram Visibility in Modern Mass Retail Channel. Under his leadership, his team has achieved the top rank growth market in the world for the fastest growth Consumer Channel with doubling of sales in these areas in the last 6 years. Ninov Akbar is part one of The Best Channel Marketing in the World at Growth Market Indonesia (Philips Lighting). Ninov Akbar holds bachelor’s Degree in Management and Master’s Degree of Business Administration in International Retail Management at Universities Pelita Harapan, Indonesia.