MASTERY 2.0 FAMILY with team donated Khmer New Year gifts to student at Mother Home Cambodia School

The MASTERY 2.0 FAMILY and with team donated a lot Khmer News gifts to all students at Mother Home Cambodia School (MHC)​​ on Tuesday, 9th of April 2019. All student very satisfied with items gifts, school uniform and material study from donors.

For donors interesting to help Mother Home Cambodia School (MHC)​​ please contact to Facebook page and website below. Website: Or Facebook Page:

Why Mother Home Cambodia? Because every child has a mother and every child needs a safe home. Every child deserves peace and happiness in their life.

Mother Home Cambodia supports the communities of Tro Peang Sas, Svay Dangkum and Veal villages. These villages, being some of the poorest slum areas in Siem Reap, are difficult places to live. In order to survive many girls fall victim to the sex trade and often have children themselves at a young age. If not helped, these children and girls have no future and many will die prematurely of sexually transmitted diseases. In such poor communities Karaoke bars and sex workers are common, as the inhabitants try to earn an income. Mother Home in Cambodia is part of the Child Protection Programme aimed at safeguarding vulnerable children.

Many children in these areas spend their days collecting rubbish off the streets to support their families. People with disabilities have no opportunity for health care or rehabilitation. Drug problems are common, which is a great concern for our society. Many children around Siem Reap town have been forced to give up their study because of lack of income for the family. Many parents go to Thailand in the hope of finding work, leaving their children behind.

Another important element of Mother Home Cambodia’s program focuses on rural children who have no access to English or Vocational lessons and do not have equal opportunities to compete with the city dwelling children.

The Countryside Program – Our Aim
Tatoukanda village is the centre of a large community about 30 kilometres from Siem Reap. One Khmer primary school provides education for the seven villages in the area. The children had no access to English classes until Mother Home Cambodia recognized the need. Now English classes, taught by a Khmer teacher with the support of Mother Home Cambodia, are provided Monday to Friday at the local school. The English classes are extremely popular with the young students who want to improve their lives. With your support, Mother Home Cambodia joins with you to help these remote area children to make their dreams come true. They really enjoy their English classes and they are so happy to study. They do need our help for a brighter future.

Another important service to the community is the crisis counselling program and support for victims of domestic violence.

“Country children deserve equal opportunities for education”

By offering free education, vocational training, scholarships for higher education, Mother Home Cambodia believes this will break the cycle of poverty for these disadvantaged communities, teaching the inhabitants to become good students, good citizens with high moral standards. Currently they live without hope and really need our help. Mother Home Cambodia’s activities and programs address the daily issues facing children and families in crisis situations and at the same time, find a solution to working toward a better future.

“Help the children today and you grow the Tree of Life” and motto is “No knowledge without learning. No learning without education.”