Fighting With My Family Gala Premiere @ Major Cineplex by Smart in Sorya Center’s Point

PHNOM PENH: Thursday, February 28 and I was invited to review Comedy and Biology movie called “Fighting With My Family”at Major Cineplex by Smart Sorya Center’s Point. “Fighting With My Family” is talked about biographical sports comedy-drama film based on the 2012 documentary The Wrestlers, Fighting with My Family by director by Stephen Merchant, Depicting the WWE career of professional wrestler Paige. The film stars Florence Pugh as Paige along with Jack Lowden, Nick Frost, Lena Headey and Vince Vaughn, and is written and directed by Stephen Merchant. Dwayne Johnson executive produces and also appears in the film. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on 28 of January 2019 and was released in the United States on 22 of February 2019. It received positive reviews and has grossed over $10 Million.

Name of winner of “Fighting With My Family”” Gala Premiere at Major Cineplex by Smart Aeon Sorya Center’s Point last night.

In 2000 Norwich, England, 10-year-old Zak Bevis is watching the WWF (Now WWE) King of the Ring pay-per-view event when his younger sister Saraya comes in and changes the channel to her favorite TV series Charmed. This leads to the two siblings to start wrestling each other at the encouragement of their parents, Rick and Julia. Rick later then informs the two that he has them booked for their first wrestling match. Saraya is hesitant on wrestling a boy until they convince Zak to dress up as the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers to make Saraya more comfortable. Saraya becomes more comfortable as the match goes on and wins as planned.

A few years later, now 18 and competing under the ring name Britani Knight, Saraya and her brother (Now competing under the name Zak Zodiac) help their parents train prospective wrestlers while working for their promotion. Their parents, struggling to make ends meet constantly call WWE trainer Hutch Morgan about signing the two so that they can be more comfortable financially. Morgan finally agrees to a tryout before a SmackDown taping at The O2 Arena and tells Saraya to come up with a different ring name because they “Already have a Britani”. Upon arriving for the tryout, the two meet Dwayne Johnson who gives the two advice while Saraya takes the new ring name Paige from her favorite character from Charmed.

The two try out along with several other wrestlers (iIncluding Pete Dunne, Who Zak mistakenly calls a girl) with Morgan belittling all the wrestlers in the process. Morgan ultimately chooses Paige but turns down the rest, leading to Paige unsuccessfully attempting to have them sign Zak too. Despite this attempt and encouragement from Zak, Paige leaves for America while he stays behind continuing to wrestle on the British independent circuit while training recruits for his parents wrestling school and tending to his girlfriend and newborn son.

Arriving at NXT in Florida, Paige has a hard adjustment to the WWE style of entertainment, mainly due to WWE not allowing inter-gender competition and her fellow female trainees Jeri-Lynn, Kirsten and Maddison having no wresting experience. Paige also struggles with doing promos and constant belittling from Morgan.

Meanwhile, Zak becomes depressed after constantly calling Morgan about another tryout before Morgan makes it clear he will never be signed to WWE, leading him to develop a tendency for alcoholism. When Paige makes a Skype call to her parents, she finds out that they are selling merchandise based on her likeness without her permission and have booked her in a match against Zak when she comes home for Christmas.

During an NXT live event, Paige and her fellow trainees make their in-ring debut and all cut promos on each other. Paige, who is heckled by the live crowd, freezes up and runs out of the ring crying. Afterwards, she decides to bleach her hair blonde and uses spray tan in order to look like her fellow trainees, which only brings more antagonism between her and the three.

After she fails an obstacle course but refuses to drop out of training right before the Christmas break, Paige lashes out at her fellow trainees for thinking they were gossiping about her when they were really talking about Jeri-Lynn’s daughter and how much she has been away from her in order to give her a better life.

Following a stop for a bathroom break on the bus ride home, Morgan tells Paige that the reason they didn’t pick her brother was because his future in WWE was only that as an enhancement talent and that if he signed with WWE it would have ruined his life. Morgan then encourages Paige to quit, while not cutting her outright, so that she could be home with her family and be happy.

Upon arriving home, she tells Zak right before their match that she was leaving WWE and coming home. Angry that Paige was giving up on a dream he had failed to achieve himself, Zak decides to go off-script in the match and defeats Paige despite her being booked to win. Zak then tells his parents her plans to quit and after getting into a bar fight, Paige explains it was her dream as well and that they didn’t sign him to protect him. Paige then changes her mind and returns to Florida in her normal appearance, with Morgan telling her that there would be no drama.

Paige drastically improves during training, befriending her fellow trainees and encouraging them not to quit. Zak, realizing his place, quits drinking and returns to training his parents students. Morgan then takes Paige and her fellow trainees to WrestleMania XXX, where Paige gets in a suite with The Rock and finds out she is making her Raw debut the following night against WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, finding out that Morgan (who had jobbed to The Rock in a steel cage match years earlier) recommended Paige for the match.

The next night, Paige makes her Raw debut and freezes up in front of the crowd again, before Lee starts the match and unexpectedly puts the Divas Championship on the line. With her family watching back home in England, Paige ends up winning the match and the title, finally comfortable enough to say a promo “This is MY house!”.

The epilogue mentions how Paige is still the youngest Divas Champion and was an early leader behind the ongoing Women’s Revolution and mentioning that one of Zak’s trainees, who was blind became a wrestler while humorously mentioning The Rock’s movie career and Rick trying to sell shares in the family’s business. The closing credits show footage from the 2012 documentary based on the family tradition and the ending of the aforementioned match between Paige and AJ Lee.

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