Russia National Day @ Great Duke Phnom Penh

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Cambodia organised Russia National Day celebrations on Tuesday at the Great Duke Phnom Penh. The event was attended by members of the Royal Family, government, deputies to the Senate and the National Assembly, ambassadors, business leaders and other VIP guests.
During the celebration, H.E. Dr. Dmitry Tsvetkov said that the adoption of the Declaration of National Sovereignty in June 1990 was a turning point in Russian history. He said that it brought fundamental political and economic transformation.
“The National Day symbolises the dawn of a new era for our people – who made their choice in favour of a free and open Russia,” H.E. Dr. Tsvetkov said. “Present-day Russia adheres to independence and sovereign foreign policy, commits to oppose monopoly and the dictation of any nation, and stands against the application of double standards and colour revolutions.”
He said that Russia will continue to be a major guarantor of global stability and will stay committed to preserving international law. He added that Russia will seek to develop mutually beneficial relationships between nations.
Photo by: Engly Tuy (Sakura)

4993H.E Dr. Dmitry Tsvetkov (left), Ambassador of the Russian Embassy in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

5005Poeung Sakana, Minister of Culture and Fine Arts, arriving at the Russia National Day celebrations.

5012Anton Kessel, Press Attaché of the Russian Embassy in the Kingdom of Cambodia.